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Online Gambling

Professor: Teens Playing ‘Candy Crush’ Could Have Gambling Problems Later

CLASSIFIED (Photo: Candy Crush)

Important people in Britain are cautioning that children playing online gambling games like “Candy Crush” could see problems like transparently pale skin and failure to lose their virginity as they transition into adulthood.

Not really, but the worrywarts over there claim that teenagers who are hooked on online games and apps could increase their chances of having gambling problems later in life. Read More

Online Gambling

Full Tilt Poker Founder’s Bad Heart Will Keep Him Out of Jail

Mr. Bitar, in happier days. (Photo:

Yesterday, Full Tilt Poker founder Raymond Bitar pled guilty to unlawful internet gambling, as well as conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. Federal prosecutors busted his site in 2011, saying it was basically a big-ass Ponzi scheme. Mr. Bitar was arrested last year when he returned to the U.S.

But even though he’s copped to his crimes, he’s not going to serve anything like the max of 35 years in prison (or even the six years recommended by federal sentencing guidelines). That’s because Mr. Bitar is a very sick man, and jail time would essentially be a death sentence. Read More