One Percent Problems

One Percent Problems

Not a Small World, After All: New Site Brings Social Networking to the Luxe Crowd

A screenshot of the iPhone and iPad app. (Best of All Worlds)

In 2011, Harvey Weinstein wrote in Newsweek that “one of my all-time doozies” was buying a controlling interest in the social network A Small World. Gawker described the site, in 2004, as an “online VIP club,” noting that its members looked for “highbrow fun: Argentinian polo horses for sale, New Delhi club recommendations, and Thanksgiving in London.” Read More

One Percent Problems

Hawaiians Prepare for Inevitable Larry Ellison Movie ‘I Bought an Island’

George as Captain Larry, god willing. (Photo: IMDB)

Oracle CEO and New York Times-approved eligible bachelor Larry Ellison bought 98 percent of the Hawaiian island Lanai a couple months ago, making him the proud owner of two Four Seasons resorts, a solar farm, a pair of championship golf courses, the firstborn of every female citizen and 10 grass-skirt-bearing virgins.

Thus the Times sent one intrepid reporter down to Hawaii to ask the residents of Lanai how they feel about their new bearded overlord. And their passionate, tension-filled responses sound not unlike the rough draft of next summer’s feel-good land baron dramedy. Read More