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Ancient Supreme Court Justices Haven’t Really ‘Gotten To’ Using Email Yet

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America’s most influential council of elders (besides the judges of Dancing With the Stars) is so out of touch with the people whose lives their decisions impact day-to-day, they don’t even use email, Justice Elena Kagan says.

Instead, the people tasked with some of the biggest policy decisions of our time are still using paper memos to communicate, Justice Kagan is quoted as saying on Politico. This makes the Vatican’s pope-naming shades-of-grey smoke show look charmingly vintage. Read More

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Helicopter Parents Now Using Find My iPhone to Ensure Teens Aren’t Making Out With Each Other

Baby-sitters' club. (Photo: Getty)

Ah, your first cell phone. If you’re an older millennial, it didn’t come until high school, and parents were still dumb enough to believe you when you claimed you never got any of their calls after dark.

Teens these days, though, are dealing with parents who have a better grasp on tech — and those parents are using apps like Find Your iPhone to monitor their kids’ whereabouts 24/7, USA Today reports. Read More

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Noted Sleep Advocate Arianna Huffington Recommends Not Reading the Sideboob Vertical in Bed

Worried about you.

Worried about your REM cycle, certified sleep expert Arianna Huffington is imploring you to ditch the electronics because it’s ruining your life. Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Huffington Post founder said that iPads, Kindles and laptops should be banned from the bedroom because she believes that it’s preventing you from unwinding after a long day of aggregating. Read More