Oh the Times Oh the Mores

Oh the Times Oh the Mores

More Americans Use Their Phones to Get Online Because Laptops Are, Like, Heavy

#NoNewApps. (Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

In the beginning, there was the desktop. The desktop gave way to the laptop, which gave ground to the tablet, and now the smartphone is coming for all the eyeballs. Hence the results of the latest Pew Research Center study, which found that 21 percent of American adults who own cell phones use them for most of their Internet browsing.

Well, yeah, because it’s not like you can whip out your laptop while you wait for the elevator/enter an awkward patch on that date/poop.  Read More

Oh the Times Oh the Mores

Handwriting Expert Pretty Sure Technology Is the Absolute Worst

George Washington, what a show-off. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Over the last hundred years or so, technology has waged a slow war on penmanship, starting with the telegram, graduating to the telephone and finally moving in for the killing blow with texting. But according to CNN, not everyone is pleased with the fact that fewer and fewer Americans are able to craft thank you notes in a perfectly elegant hand.

CNN spoke to one Wendy Carlson, a handwriting expert who seems pretty sure that texting and typing are rotting your brain. “People aren’t using their minds and they are relying on technology to make the decisions for them,” she informed the site, adding that: Read More

Oh the Times Oh the Mores

Dear Forever Alones: There’s Now a Smartphone-Holding Ramen Bowl Just For You

Tears'll just make the ramen even saltier. (Photo: Facebook)

Courtesy of CNET comes a real sign of the times: An industrial design firm has created a ramen bowl with a handy little holster for your smartphone. That’s maybe not the wisest place to put your $400 electronic device? But what makes this really sad is the packaging: CNET says the creation is being sold as the “anti-loneliness ramen bowl.”

Too bad Siri is terrible company.

If you really want something to distract from your ongoing existential crises while you eat, Betabeat recommends trying a book. Paper tends to weather soup droplets a little better than a touchscreen.