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Oh Snap

Brands Now Snapchatting ‘Boobs and Butt’ Pics in Brave New Marketing Ploy

Chill shirt. (Photo: Karmaloop)

You can stop stressing out about how brands are going to monetize Snapchat. One online retailer has it all figured it out: just bombard you with naked pics until you want to buy its crap.

Streetwear purveyor Karmaloop told Ad Week that mixed in with its snaps of $90 vests and collector’s edition Playboy magazines, the company is also snapping its followers risque pictures. Read More

Oh Snap

Oh, No: This New App Lets You Save Snapchats You’ve Received–Without the Sender Knowing


It’s no secret that your sexy Snapchats aren’t as ephemeral as you think they are. There’s several ways to save them forever, including the convoluted method of hacking into your phone to retrieve the deleted snaps. Now a new app just made it so much easier to extend a snap’s livelihood beyond ten seconds.

Meet Snap Save, a separate iOS app that lets you keep those pictures and videos forever. Unlike taking a screenshot, the free program doesn’t alert the sender that you’re saving that sext forever. Your worst nightmare has finally materialized!  Read More

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Snapchat Releases a Useless Version of Its App Just for Tweens, and It’s Called Snapkidz

You know these girls talk shit.

In what’s presumably an attempt to bat away fears that Snapchat is an NSFL app environment, the company released a tween-targeted version Sunday, dubbed Snapkidz. It’s sort of like Snapchat, but it’s completely useless in that under 13-year-olds can’t receive or send photos to Ashley, Ashleigh, and Ashlee, but rather scribble on pictures and just save them to their phones. Read More

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On Wall Street, ‘Everyone Snapchats Weird Shit’


In between pushing piles of gold brick around and saying racist things in elevators, bankers are getting in touch with their inner teenagers by obsessively Snapchatting all day, New York Magazine reports.

The Financial District’s finest gravitate to the app because typical social media photos tend to linger, liable to pop up in a higher-up’s Google search, while Snapchat photos disappear after they’re viewed. Well, for the most part. Read More

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College Kid Tricks Internet Into Thinking He’s a Snapchat Publicist

Two tweens scoffing at your $3 billion offer. (Photo: Digital Trends)

This guy clearly deserves an A in PR.

In Fall 2012, USC senior Matthew Hanson took a class called Strategic Writing in Public Relations, according to The Daily Dot. He had to build an online newsroom for a brand of his choosing for his final, and he picked Snapchat.

Mr. Hanson created this webpage. Thinking no one would ever see it, he published his own telephone number on the site — and his phone started to blow up. Read More