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Snapchat CEO Thought It Had ‘Done Enough’ To Protect Against Hack, Won’t Apologize

Mr. Spiegel, probably complaining about something. (Getty)

Following a massive security breach that exposed the private information of millions of Snapchat users, CEO Evan Spiegel finally spoke out publicly on NBC’s Today this morning.

In the “exclusive interview,” conducted by star tech reporter Carson Daly, Mr. Spiegel said that despite prior warnings from a security company that its users’ information was vulnerable to a hack, he believed the company did enough to protect it users. Apparently “enough” has a fuzzy definition since hackers were able to expose the usernames and phone numbers using the app’s “Find Friends” feature on New Year’s Eve.  Read More

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Snapchat Seeks Restraining Order Against Ousted Cofounder

(Photo: Digital Trends)

In a display of drama that doesn’t come as much of a surprise knowing their track record, the certified bros at Snapchat reportedly filed for a temporary restraining order against one of their cofounders, TechCrunch reports.

The disappearing photo app’s three founders‐‐Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy‐‐are already embroiled in a lawsuit, with Mr. Brown alleging that he came up with the idea, then collaborated with Mr. Spiegel and Mr. Murphy before the latter two locked him out of access to building the app, which was then called Picaboo. Read More

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Cops Actually Demanded To See ‘About a Dozen’ Pictures From Snapchat

We're running out of photo ideas. (Photo: iMore)

No matter how ephemeral your messages are, there’s one question Snapchat can’t shake: Who can see your snaps? So, hoping to evaporate that question from the nation’s consciousness, the app’s head of trust and safety, Micah Shaffer, reiterated that opened snaps are immediately zapped from its servers. But he did admit that unopened messages can not only be viewed, but can be turned over to law enforcement. Read More

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Snapchat ‘Stories’ Offer a New Way to Bother Your Friends With the Mundane Details of Your Life

Snapchat Stories. (Photo: TechCrunch)

Arguably, the most unique aspect of Snapchat has been its epithermal nature. You better savor sext that for a full ten seconds before it dissolves into nowhereville. But today, the app has an update called “Snapchat Stories” that lets users stitch together snaps (photo or video) that last for a full 24 hours before they disappear. Think of how creative you can be with your sexts now! Read More

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Snapchat ‘Micro’ Will Make Your Dick Look Even Smaller

A screenshot. (Photo: TechCrunch/Snapchat)

If you’re already having a major complex on how the size of your appendage appears on your phone, Snapchat’s newest incarnation won’t help matters. Preferred sexting vehicle Snapchat said it’s releasing an app for that yet-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy Gear watch you’re all clamoring to get your hands on.

Snapchat Micro contains the same features as the full-sized Read More

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Brands Now Snapchatting ‘Boobs and Butt’ Pics in Brave New Marketing Ploy

Chill shirt. (Photo: Karmaloop)

You can stop stressing out about how brands are going to monetize Snapchat. One online retailer has it all figured it out: just bombard you with naked pics until you want to buy its crap.

Streetwear purveyor Karmaloop told Ad Week that mixed in with its snaps of $90 vests and collector’s edition Playboy magazines, the company is also snapping its followers risque pictures. Read More

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Oh, No: This New App Lets You Save Snapchats You’ve Received–Without the Sender Knowing


It’s no secret that your sexy Snapchats aren’t as ephemeral as you think they are. There’s several ways to save them forever, including the convoluted method of hacking into your phone to retrieve the deleted snaps. Now a new app just made it so much easier to extend a snap’s livelihood beyond ten seconds.

Meet Snap Save, a separate iOS app that lets you keep those pictures and videos forever. Unlike taking a screenshot, the free program doesn’t alert the sender that you’re saving that sext forever. Your worst nightmare has finally materialized!  Read More