oh ffs

oh ffs

Nobody Wants to Listen to In-Flight Phone Calls So Please Stop Begging the FAA

Soon? (Photo: SarahPAC/Flickr)

We haven’t fully torn the plastic off our new Kindle, and now there’s debate that the newly revamped FAA electronic rules should be relaxed to include in-flight cell phone calls.

The Wall Street Journal reveals that the same advisory panel that recommended the approval of gadgets during takeoffs and landings also urged the FAA to consult with the Federal Communications Commission in allowing in-flight phone calls since it doesn’t interfere with the aircraft’s technology. However, the FAA shrugged its shoulders because reversing that ban would violate the FCC’s ban on in-flight cellular connections. Read More

oh ffs

Enterprising Writer Unlocks His iPhone 5S With His Junk

Your dick works on this. (Photo: MacRumors)

The neat thing about the fingerprint sensor on Apple iPhone 5S is that it works. The not so neat thing is that it works a little too well. Over the past few days the Internet has been flooded with alternative methods to unlock the 5S that highlight the Internet’s inclination to exhibit its inner six year old. We found that nipple, cat paws and even feet all are capable of tricking the sensor.  Read More