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Office Space

It’s Official! Foursquare Inks Office Deal

568 broadway

Betabeat broke the news no less than six weeks ago: Foursquare is moving to Soho. And today, The Wall Street Journal confirms the deal is done. “The company, which makes a smartphone application that lets users ‘check in’ at bars, restaurants and other locations, will sublease the space from Scholastic Corp. for just under 10 years,” the paper reports.

Foursquare has had to try working in the kitchen and eating area in its overstuffed office at 36 Cooper Square, operations manager Derek Stewart told the WSJ. No longer! Read More

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Google’s Chelsea Building Inspires Condos, 38-Foot Flower Pot

Google New York.

When Google first moved to 111 Eighth Ave. in Chelsea, developers expected to see the neighborhood turn into another Silicon Alley, with office tenants providing ancillary services to the tech giant. But that’s not quite what happened. Instead, what Chelsea got in the vicinity of the GOOG were condos, reports The Wall Street Journal’s Laura Kusisto, and the developers are attempting to mimic some of Google’s funky, hip, startup-style design tics. Read More

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Foursquare Moving to Soho, Beats Out Tumblr for Sunny Office on Broadway


Foursquare will soon say goodbye to its longtime office mates at 36 Cooper Square, Betabeat has learned. The startup, which raised a $50 million round of funding over the summer, has vastly outgrown the 7,600 sq. ft. at the hip East Village digs it shares with Curbed and web design shop Hard Candy Shell, and is negotiating a sublease for the top two floors at 568 Broadway.

Nothing has been signed, but the deal has been in the works for more than two weeks and appears set to close soon. “We’re in the process of drafting the lease with Foursquare,” said Richard Pierpoint, real estate manager for Scholastic, which leases the space from the building’s owner. Read More

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Productivity Levels Plummet After Yale Student Makes Facebook Look Like Excel

When Bay Gross created a quick program to help his friend check her Facebook page at her summer job without her boss noticing, he had no idea it would become an instant online hit. Forty-eight hours later, the wittily-named was featured in The Atlantic. Within a week it was splashed across the web pages of the Life Hacker, Mashable, Life Inc, and the Huffington Post. After two and a half weeks, it hit 1.5 million page viewers and 600,000 unique users. Now, the service is being used 160 countries and has become particularly popular with cubicle jockeys in Indonesia and Romania. gets past your manager’s watchful eye by reformatting a Facebook news feed into what looks like an Excel spreadsheet. Users can click on friends’ names to view their profiles within the spreadsheet. They even can hide the trick from their bosses by pressing the spacebar, which fills the spreadsheet with random numbers and professional-looking column headers like “Earnings” and “Case index.”

The button to activate the site’s function is labeled, “Gimme dem spreadsheets!”, and while the spreadsheet is loading, the page reads, “Hang on you little corporate warrior you.” Read More

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VCs, Start-Ups Not-So-Desperately Seeking Office Space


Numbers for the last quarter from the NVCA and PricewaterhouseCoopers showing an uptick of venture capital into the New York metro area aren’t just a boon for the start-ups who can finally afford that kegerator. A reported $624 million in Q2 funding–a $154 million increase from last year–also brings good tidings for the real estate sector, although, like all things start-ups these days, the potential tenants are thinking lean, reports

“We probably won’t see a massive flood gate of VC firms flocking to New York but I do think there will be probably several more firms looking for office space there,” Emily Mendell, a spokesperson for the NVCA told the site, warning that it would likely just mean offices to house a few limited partners. But tech companies themselves are stretching their wings. Read More

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Hacker News Revisits Eternal Question of Coffee Shops with Wifi in New York

This question resurfaces every once in a while: Where can a hacker/entrepreneur get some coffee and fast internet in this town? “As many of you can relate to, I tend to get bored working at home and try to go out and about in the city hoping to find a good spot to get some work done. Startbucks does not do it for me–WIFI is too slow and I lose my patience waiting for the bar to go 100% when I FTP a file. Very frustrating. Aren’t there places that can relate to this and are catering to startups?” Read More