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Yahoo! Opening New Office in Times Square, Wants to Expand NYC Presence by 60 Percent

(Photo: Tumblr)

Yahoo! is taking over New York, whether you like it or not. After the long-awaited announcement that the old school web giant had purchased Alley darling Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion, the company held a press event in Times Square to make another big declaration: Yahoo! will be consolidating its local offices into a giant hub in the old New York Times building. It’s no Googleplex, but it’ll do. Read More

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San Francisco Landlords are Legit Busting Up Buildings in Order to Appeal to Startups

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“This building would be great, but it just has too much…ceiling,” is a thing that some startup office seekers are apparently uttering in the trendier neighborhoods of San Francisco. The Wall Street Journal reports that landlords are straight up wrecking buildings to make them look “edgier,” “funky” and “fun.”

That means lots of exposed ceiling pipes, open floor plans and a kitchen stocked with organic juices and plastered with signs about the upcoming company-wide 5k. Also: a room for people to cry in, when your investors just don’t get it. Read More

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Buddy Media, Apple and Facebook’s Realtors Are Really, Really Happy Right Now


If you’re a real estate broker, you might want to shift your attention from bonus-scrimping Wall Streeters to ramen-eating techies. We’ve known for a while that tech companies are sprouting up at an alarming rate. While some of them go bust, many of them raise funding, hire workers, and therefore need offices. Even if that Bowery apartment seems comfortable now, a fast-scaling web company will need its own digs before long. Read More

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Inside the Super Secret Obvious Corporation HQ

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The view from one of the conference rooms.

Not much is known about the Obvious Corporation, the new-ish, incubator-ish company that’s the brainchild of Twitter cofounders Ev Williams and Biz Stone. Their website is sparse and coy: the only companies that they are publicly known to be working with are Lift, a social network for human potential, and dialogue platform Branch. They also announced this week that they’d invested in Neighborland, a site that seeks to create meaningful connections between neighbors.

The Obvious Offices are located in downtown San Francisco, near the Powell St. BART stop, just around the corner from the Apple store, which is convenient because everyone at Obvious uses Apple products. Macbook Airs, iPads, Magic Mice and Apple wireless keyboards: Tim Cook would not be disappointed. Read More

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Introducing The Roger, the Mini Design Mag Obsessed With Your Office Space

Ms. Baggio (

We first noticed The Roger Magazine when The Huffington Post included it as a source in a roundup of interesting startup office spaces. We were confused about why we’d never heard of it– the online magazine, distributed via Issuu, is gorgeous and professional looking, even on our cracked, dirty Macbook screen.

Turns out we’d never heard of it because it’s actually a small side project from four New York City women, all of whom have full time jobs, and who work on the magazine in their free time. You’d never know that just by looking at it, though–the whole thing looks so damn professional. Read More

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Has Digital Dumbo Reached Maximum Capacity? Techies Drive Down Vacancy Rates for Office Space


At an industry breakfast yesterday, the commercial real estate brokers at Cushman & Wakefield announced that New York City has reached a tipping point: For the first time since 1999, the information and media sector (including technology) beat out financial services terms of office leasing.

In the first quarter of 2012, information and media accounted for 27.8 percent of office leasing by square footage, compared to the financial sector’s 26.3 percent. “New York is not just a financial town anymore,” Cushman’s managing director Ken McCarthy told the Real Deal.

You don’t have to tell Dumbo. Yesterday, the Brooklyn Paper reported that commercial vacancy rates in the neighborhood are down to 2 percent, prompting city planners to try to make Downtown more appealing to Brooklyn’s creative class. “Everyone in the tech industry wants to be in DUMBO,” said the paper. And here we thought the ideal spot was spitting distance from Union Square Ventures. Read More

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Inside Accel Partners’ New Office on the 16th Floor of Googleplex East

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The Balcony

With the recent news that prolific investment firm Accel Partners finally hired David Eisenberg as their first New York ombudsman, Betabeat figured it was time to survey the scene at the company’s NYC HQ, located on the 16th floor of 111 8th Avenue, better known as “The Google Building.” Not much photographic evidence of the office exists online, but we’ve compiled a few images that will give you a peak into the luxurious digs of one of the world’s foremost venture capital firms. Aside from modern-looking glass conference rooms and a prime location near Chelsea Market, the view from the office balcony is worth the click alone–we don’t typically use the word “breathtaking,” but it truly is. Read More

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Tech and Media Companies Accounted for 28 Percent of Manhattan Office Leases Last Year

205 Hudson St. via Trinity

Trinity Real Estate, a division of Trinity Church located near the World Trade Center site, has had a pretty good run. In the past 14 months, Trinity saw occupancy rise from 84 percent to 92 percent and watched rents ratchet up 26 percent. According to Crain’s, a big part of that growth is thanks to tech companies, or at least tech-driven startups like e-commerce site One Kings Lane, which is co-founded by Mark Pincus’s wife Alison Pincus, and moved into 205 Hudson St. in May.

Trinity owns 18 former industrial buildings in the Hudson Square area and startup types, it seems, dig the “loftlike spaces, with large windows and big floor plates.” But it’s not just Trinity:

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