Office Photo Tour

Office Photo Tour

Officegram: It’s All Happening at Livestream

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Livestream Headquarters, 111 8th Ave. Manhattan

Almost two years ago, New York-based streaming video start-up Livestream was not Livestream. It was Mogulus, launched in 2007. “Mogul-us, as in “anybody can become a media mogul,” CEO Max Haot told TechCrunch at the time. The company bought the killer domain in 2009 when it rebranded around the trend of streaming live video.

The company is now more than 20 employees and growing, hiring for a web designer in New York as well as some positions in Bangalore and L.A. CLARIFICATION: Livestream is 120 employee in four offices (New York, Los Angeles, Bangalore India, Ukraine), including 50 full-time staff in its New York headquarters.

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Office Photo Tour

Officegram: Meetup’s Red, Red Digs

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Welcome to the offices of, the granddaddy of the New York Tech Scene. Meetup has been around since just after the dot-com bubble burst and the city was attacked on September 11; took off when Howard Dean ran for president in 2004 and has produced the largest tech organization in New York, the 17,000-registered member strong New York Tech Meetup. So here’s what a mature start-up looks like, we guess.

Oh, and if you like what you see, they’re hiring.

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