Youngest Person in New York Tech Meetup History Demos iPad App

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NYU’s Skirball center was at capacity last night as roughly 850 people crowded into the once monthly New York Tech Meetup to celebrate the defeat of SOPA and PIPA, and check out some startup demos.

Last night was also special (and started late) because the meetup was simulcast on Livestream for the first time in many months, so everybody at New Work City and New York General Assembly could join the NYTM remotely.

The big news: NYTM announced two new sponsors: Bloomberg and Nasdaq. Nasdaq has apparently been “shooting awesome video of the tech startups that are being built here.” Read More


New York Tech Meetup Going All Pro On Us

It’s the Jessica Lawrence era! Since the New York Tech Meetup hired a managing director, we’ve noticed upgrades to the website, including the fact that NYTM is now posting agendas before the event with the names of apps and their presenters, an improvement over the paper agendas we used to get at the door. There’s also now a video archive, although the Livestream is still not working.

Demos on deck range from food, drinks, stories, tasks and an “open source framework for creating machine vision appliances.” Sweet! We’ve written about some of them before–Gojee, CalorieCount and Onepager–but others are news to us. Full lineup is below. Read More


New York Tech Meetup Demos Announced

The lucky companies demo’ing at New York Tech Meetup during Internet Week next week are:

  • Web television.
  • GetGlue: TV check-ins.
  • Zaarly: Mobile, real-time person-to-person Craigslist.
  • SleepsWithFishes: Assassin-type game played over Twitter, hacked together by three high school students doing it to teach themselves to code.
  • Yackit: Video chat.
  • HowAboutWe: Activity-based online dating.
  • SkillShare: Crowd-sourced classes.
  • Social graph-curated video.
  • NYTM

    Op-Ed: There’s a Lady in Charge! New New York Tech Meetup Gonna Be Big

    Tony Bacigalupo

    At Wednesday night’s New York Tech Meetup, Jessica Lawrence took the stage for the first time as the organization’s first employee.

    This is a big deal. There will be much talk of the significance of her hire, in particular the fact that, yes, she’s a woman running an organization dominated by men. But it goes deeper than that. Read More


    New Dawn: What You Missed at New York Tech Meetup

    nytm april 2011

    Wednesday night’s New York Tech Meetup came in three minutes under the two hour limit, which was amazing considering there were 11 demos, a hack of the month, several announcements and a speech by new managing director Jessica Lawrence on the agenda, interspersed with midi-rendered Weezer songs that the 800 or so audience members mumbled along to under their breaths in the red seats of NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.  Read More


    Screw Meetup: Organizers Up In Arms Over Redesign

    screw meetup_0

    UPDATE: Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman Responds >>

    Any time a popular web service undergoes a major redesign, there is a loud and angry response from unhappy users who liked the old version better.

    Often a small but vocal minority can make a big stink. It’s the power user paradox. The folks who do the most Read More


    Why Silicon Alley’s Spat With the City Is Actually Good News

    Can't tell if I really like you, or am slapping you in the face.

    In recent months, New York’s City’s Economic Development Corporation has become increasingly involved in the booming New York tech scene.

    The city greatly expanded its second annual Big Apps competition, Deputy Mayor Robert K. Steele stopped by Google’s offices to announce that the city is wooing a top-flight engineering school, and the EDC even hosted Read More