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Mayor Bloomberg Hosted a Press Conference for Startups at Buzzfeed Today, Because Why Not

The whole crew's here!

Guess Mayor Bloomberg isn’t going to close out his third term partying in swinging London, after all. Today in the hipper-than-thou surroundings of the BuzzFeed offices (BTW? sad lack of actual cats), he announced a new all-out, city-backed push officially expanding the “Made in NY” branding (created for the entertainment industry) to the tech business.

“We’re spreading the word, hopefully drawing even more tech companies to the five boroughs by taking a couple of steps today,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Companies with at least 75 percent of their production in the city now includes tech firms can apply to be “Made in NY” certified, meaning they can display that spiffy little logo (or as it was described in the announcement, the “mark of distinction”) on their site. Everybody’s getting stickers, in other words! Read More