Sean Parker Got Married This Weekend and It Was Pure Class (For a Ren Faire)

Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas at their hobbit wedding (via Business Insider)

It’s a done deal, folks: This weekend Sean Parker tied the knot with Alexandra Lenas. Attendees included Sting, Cory Booker and the ubiquitous Allison Williams. And this morning, “insiders” are trying to convince the country’s gossip rags that this wedding was, like, totally tasteful.

You know, for an event that practically jumps up and down and screams, “RENAISSANCE FAIRE.”

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Silicon Valley Apparently Fancies Itself Too Good for Ostentatious Weddings


Sure, Sean Parker is throwing a whimsical wedding destined to be the envy of Charles de Lint-loving teen girls nationwide, but make no mistake: The rest of the tech world does not go in for that sort of thing. So says the New York Times, insisting that Silicon Valley prefers backyards (witness Zuck, Chris Hughes and Larry Ellison’s fourth marriage) and private islands  “with enough security to thwart interlopers by air or sea” (both Google cofounders).

Can’t have any photos leaking via those social-media sites the Valley keeps churning out!

“Ostentatious displays tend to draw more scorn than awe,” the Times argues, and observers agree that the trend isn’t merely the result of techies waiting too late to book their venue, ensuring all the good ones were taken. Read More


TMZ Says Sean Parker Is Spending Almost $9M on Wedding Decor Alone

Okay, Elrond. (Photo: TMZ)

When last we left the story of Sean Parker and Alexandra Lenas’s elaborate wedding plans, the Napster founder and former Facebook president was insisting that, despite reports, it was not a theme wedding and there would be “nothing medieval about it.”

Rather, the outfits created by Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson would be “based on modern suits and dresses with some elements of victorian flair and whimsy.”

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Sean Parker’s Wedding Will be More Whimsical, Less Medieval [Updated]

Ye Old Timey Shit

After a rather extended engagement, Sean Parker is finally making it official with the mother of his child, Alexandra Lenas. Rather than tying the knot in Zuckerbergian low-key fashion, however, it sounds like the two are planning quite the bash. Page Six says the pair will marry in June–in grand style.

The couple has reportedly settled on a medieval theme, their venue being a “forest setting” in Big Sur. The save-the-dates look like a medieval scroll. And sources tell Page Six each guest will receive his own custom period costume, because apparently the Lenas-Parkers want to humiliate their nearest and dearest. Read More


Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes Opts for Intimate Wedding, Blowout After-Party

9 Photos

(Photo: Facebook)

Did all the Facebook cofounders promise to make honest women and men out of their partners, just as soon as the company went public? Because guess who graced the New York Times‘ Vows section today: Facebook cofounder and now New Republic publisher and editor-in-chief Chris Hughes and his partner Sean Eldridge.

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