Stock Up on Mountain Dew and Twizzlers Because the Creators of Myst Are Kickstarting a New Game

Mom I'll be in the computer room. (Photo: Cyan)

Not to get all BuzzFeed nostalgia vertical over here, but one very important landmark of a nerdy 90s childhood is Myst, the perplexing computer game that left you stranded on a dock on a weird island and forced you to figure it out from there.

This year the game turns 20 (ouch), but it’s been a long, long time since the game’s creators at Cyan have had a big hit. They’re still around, though, and now they’re turning to Kickstarter to raise $1.1 million for the development of Obduction, which they’re billing as a “spiritual successor to the experience that Myst provided, without necessarily tying ourselves to that same storyline.” Read More