Could All That Free Food Get Tech Companies in Trouble with the Tax Man?

In the real world, this costs money. (Photo:

Free food is such a staple of Startupland that when Marissa Mayer introduced free food to Yahoo, she was heralded like Moses stepping down from Mt. Sinai, stone tablets in hand. But the Wall Street Journal reports that all that gratis grub could land tech companies in trouble with the IRS.

That’s because, to the enforcers in Washington, these perks look an awful lot like another form of compensation, and the IRS often considers regular meals a taxable benefit.

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Anyone Hungry? ITP Student Builds a 3D Printer That Prints Burritos

The BurritoB0t, in all its delicious glory. (Photo:

It’s lunchtime on the East Coast, which seems like a good time to talk about the BurritoB0t, which is arguably the tastiest invention to come out of the 3D printer trend. Yes: it prints edible burritos.

BurritoB0t is a senior thesis project by NYU ITP student Marko Manriquez that fuses Mr. Manriquez’s “two passions – digital fabrication and good food.” Also, it prints burritos.

According to TechCrunch:

The system will let you use your iPhone to order different condiments and toppings. Sliders control the amount of salsa, guac, and crema. It uses a Thing-o-matic and is currently in beta form, so don’t expect it to make you a burrito anytime soon.

Mr. Manriquez’s website says that he’ll be demoing the BurritoB0t in New York this summer, so tell your belly to stop growling right this instant.