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Paul Carr’s NSFW Corp Picks Up 3,000 Subscribers and Hires ‘The War Nerd’–All to Help Save Journalism


In case you haven’t been keeping up with the antics of rapscallion writer Paul Carr since he dropped that resignation bomb on TechCrunch last year, here’s a little refresher: After accusing his former editor of being a man without hap, Mr. Carr migrated across the tech blogosphere to PandoDaily, where he and his charming British accent cohost a video series called “Why Isn’t This News?” with the ever-righteous Sarah Lacy.

A few months ago, Mr. Carr did one better than just questioning others’ news judgement. He founded his own online magazine: NSFW Corp. Mr. Carr raised a mid-six-figure seed round to launch the site, which describes itself as “the future of journalism, with jokes.” Read More

New Media

Quickish: News! Links! Fast! EMAIL PRINT MORE…

Quickish zaps news into our attention deficit-addled brains

Quickish launched yesterday with sports news stories aggregated from places like Slate, Business Insider, even The Awl, stripped down to their elements and appearing in a real-time (ish) stream at

A link, source, category, headline or sentence to capture the gist — that’s all people want in a news feed, according to founder Dan Read More