New Fit City

New Fit City

Healthcare Is About to Get the Techie Start-Up Treatment


Look closely at this face, you might be seeing it around more often (although we can’t promise he will be making the same expression). In a post on his Tumblr, former Spark Capital associate Charlie Huang (the TechStars advisor, not the Guitar Hero founder FYI) announced that he will be leaving Spark headquarters in Boston and moving to New York City. He will be taking a temporary gig as VP of bizdev for FitOrbit, one of Spark’s portfolio companies. The Los Angeles-based start-up facilitates online persona trainers and fitness plans.  It’s all part of Mr. Huang’s grand plan to make sure healthcare IT gets the love it deserves.

Betabeat’s feature this week on the cultish popularity of the 4 Hour Body diet among local technophiles name-checked a number of fitness products — Fitbit, Withings Wi-Fi scales, and Daytum –that scratch the itch to both get healthier and quantify those efforts. Read More