netflix nation

netflix nation

Looking For Netflix’s Highest-Rated Titles? This Site Can Help

Well, looks like we're squared away for Friday night. (Getty)

Are you a pretentious movie-watcher? Will you only grace a TV show with the honor of your attention if it has a solid rating on IMDb?

Betabeat recently stumbled upon, a simple website that tells you which of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes’ top-ranked movies and TV shows are currently on Netflix. The site also lets you search by genre, as well as for individual titles. Read More

netflix nation

Nobody Noticed That Netflix Killed Saturday Delivery

Miss you. (Photo:

Believe it or not: Netflix still delivers DVDs via something called the mail.

It was a revolutionary concept when the company launched in 1997, but fast forward to now and it’s not something that we really need — especially since everything good is streaming on its site. In early June, Netflix quietly ended shipping discs on Saturdays and it took weeks before anyone (besides a group of astute observers) noticed the change. Read More