King of Nerds Invents App That’ll Get Him All The Girls At Debate Camp


What were you doing with your time when you were 15 years old? Well, unless you were founding your very own startup, get ready to feel bad about yourself. Fast Company recently talked to Tanay Tandon, a kid who last year found the time to write the algorithm for Clipped, an app that ingests news articles and spits out a bulleted summary.

Why did he do it? Because he’s a competitive high school debater, and he is tired of devoting all his time to research: Read More


7 Famous Techies We Suspect are Living Out Their Childhood Dreams

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Jeff Bezos

Obviously, the best thing about joining the ranks of the fabulously wealthy and successful is the freedom to do whatever you want. For some people, this might mean racing sports cars and popping bottles with models. (Fair enough, Eduardo.) Maybe you’d like to move into venture capital. (That sounds lovely, Marc.)

But a select few think a little bigger and get a little crazier. In fact, we’re starting to wonder whether they’re executing on plans they’ve had since they were 13, because their current lives are exactly what a 13-year-old boy would dream up if he were asked to imagine being a billionaire.

There are seven guys (yes, they’re all dudes) that we’ve got in mind.