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Nerd Alert

Netflix Has a Problem With Low-Quality Klingon Translations

"You're devoting time to WHAT?"

Over the years, nerds worldwide have devoted a great deal of time and brainpower to fleshing out the invented languages of fantasy worlds. But apparently they’re not the only ones who care!

According to a completely bonkers report from the British Radio Times, Netflix has decided that it’s not good enough to stream a version of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock with English dubbing and/or super-simple subtitles over Klingon and Vulcan conversations.  No, fully capturing the complexities of these wholly fictional languages requires better translations, and Netflix is going to do it themselves:  Read More

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Hey History Nerds: Turn Foursquare Into an Orgy of Vintage Photos

(Photo: Foursquare)

Good news for history nerds/hipsters who really identify with Luc Sante’s Low Life: The New York Public Library has released a snazzy new app that’ll show you cool historical photos when you check in on Foursquare. Pack your bags, because we’re going on a nostalgia trip.

The app draws on the NYPL’s Photographic Views of New York City collection, a huge cache of photos from the 1870s to the 1970s meant to “document the changing face” of the city. During a recent hackathon, a team rigged them up to Foursquare and its geolocation data. Read More

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Portlandia Issues Heartfelt Plea to Make ‘Nerd’ a Dirty Word Again

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.57.23 PM

By and large, Ladybeat likes to stay out of the nerd-shaming business. Unlike slut-shaming, its equally insidious cousin, nerd-shaming in the Ascendancy of Zuck has come to be defined as calling out people–most often comely people with human lady parts–for not being nearly nerdy enough. (See: meme, Fake Geek Girl.)

And while that rankles, it’s equally as hard to cede the “nerd” label to well-adjusted types with nary an esoteric obsession. You cool jerks would never have sat at our lunch table, etc. Read More

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This Is a Rap About Javascript

Marak Squires

“I started a project to learn javascript and node.js through rap,” Nodejitsu co-founder and New York expat Marak Squires told Betabeat over Gchat. Mr. Squires has a well-established tradition of rapping about Javascript. Nodejitsu is a hosting platform for apps that use node.js, which allows for server-side use of Javascript, normally a browser-side language. Read More