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Nerd Alert

Attention Nerds: The World’s Largest Videogame Collection Is Up For Auction

You could have more videogames than THIS. (Wikimedia Commons)

A Buffalo man is auctioning off the holy grail of nerd-dom: the world’s largest videogame collection. If you want it to be yours, be prepared to shell out a cool $50,000 — at the very least.

Michael Thomasson has amassed the collection, which features over 11,000 games and 100 different consoles, over the past 20 years, ArsTechnica reports. He says he buys one to two games per day, and spends around $3,000 per year updating the collection. Guinness has certified Mr. Thomasson’s videogame collection as the largest in the world. Read More

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Netflix Has a Problem With Low-Quality Klingon Translations

"You're devoting time to WHAT?"

Over the years, nerds worldwide have devoted a great deal of time and brainpower to fleshing out the invented languages of fantasy worlds. But apparently they’re not the only ones who care!

According to a completely bonkers report from the British Radio Times, Netflix has decided that it’s not good enough to stream a version of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock with English dubbing and/or super-simple subtitles over Klingon and Vulcan conversations.  No, fully capturing the complexities of these wholly fictional languages requires better translations, and Netflix is going to do it themselves:  Read More

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Hey History Nerds: Turn Foursquare Into an Orgy of Vintage Photos

(Photo: Foursquare)

Good news for history nerds/hipsters who really identify with Luc Sante’s Low Life: The New York Public Library has released a snazzy new app that’ll show you cool historical photos when you check in on Foursquare. Pack your bags, because we’re going on a nostalgia trip.

The app draws on the NYPL’s Photographic Views of New York City collection, a huge cache of photos from the 1870s to the 1970s meant to “document the changing face” of the city. During a recent hackathon, a team rigged them up to Foursquare and its geolocation data. Read More

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Portlandia Issues Heartfelt Plea to Make ‘Nerd’ a Dirty Word Again

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.57.23 PM

By and large, Ladybeat likes to stay out of the nerd-shaming business. Unlike slut-shaming, its equally insidious cousin, nerd-shaming in the Ascendancy of Zuck has come to be defined as calling out people–most often comely people with human lady parts–for not being nearly nerdy enough. (See: meme, Fake Geek Girl.)

And while that rankles, it’s equally as hard to cede the “nerd” label to well-adjusted types with nary an esoteric obsession. You cool jerks would never have sat at our lunch table, etc. Read More

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This Is a Rap About Javascript

Marak Squires

“I started a project to learn javascript and node.js through rap,” Nodejitsu co-founder and New York expat Marak Squires told Betabeat over Gchat. Mr. Squires has a well-established tradition of rapping about Javascript. Nodejitsu is a hosting platform for apps that use node.js, which allows for server-side use of Javascript, normally a browser-side language. Read More