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The Future Will Consist of Tiny Flying Robots Bumping Into Your Face

(Screengrab: YouTube)

Flying cars, whole meals in pill form, bras that actually fit–we’ve all got hopes and dreams of what the future holds. Robots that bump into things rather than learning to navigate might not be high on many people’s lists, but hey, they exist now, and that’s fun.

The Gimball is a flying robot that contains a stable inner body within a spherical outer body, according to Mashable. When it hits an obstacle, its circular cage enables it to bounce away and keep flying. It mimics the movement of an insect, Mashable reports. Read More

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British Robot Comedian Is Even Harder to Watch Than an Actual Amateur Comic

"Take my wife, please!" (Screengrab: YouTube)

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could turn funny into an algorithm, wrap it up in a talking metallic box and plop it on a stage? A group of researchers has done just that–or at least they tried to–by creating a robot comedian.

The scientists from Queen Mary’s Cognitive Science Research Group created a RoboThespian “to study how the audience relates to a robot performer,” io9 reports, “and what adjustments the robot can make on the fly to better connect with its audience.” Read More

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Grishin Robotics Bets on Bolt, a Boston-Based Hardware Accelerator


New York’s resident robot-loving VC firm has made its third investment–though this one is a bit of a different bet than the last two, RobotAppStore (the name is pretty self-explanatory) and Double Robotics (which allows you to put your iPad on wheels, for the truly dedicated FaceTimer). Grishin Robotics has plowed an undisclosed amount of money into Bolt, a Boston-based hardware accelerator. Read More

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The Machines Are Writing Films Now

(Photo: Cleverbot)

Look out, Hollywood screenwriters: the robots are coming for your jobs, too.

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence robot that Internet users can converse with and, more frequently, troll until it says funny stuff. But one filmmaker, Chris Wilson, saw the creative potential in Cleverbot and decided to co-write a short film with it. It might just be the first movie written by a machine. Read More

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Meet Larry, the Projectile Puking Robot

(Photo: Needs More Robots)

In the future, robots will do everything from completing menial tasks to giving us longevity orgasms, but we haven’t quite gotten to the point where we can trust them as lovers. Instead, humanoid robots have become the new test subjects, allowing scientists and researchers to study how certain outside factors might influence the human body.

The newest robot doing humanity’s dirty work? Larry, the projectile vomiting humanoid. Science. Read More

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An App Store for Your Roomba? Look Up in The Cloud, It’s the Future of Personal Robotics

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 8.23.17 AM

When Betabeat first met Russian tycoon Dmitry Grishin in June, the CEO of was arguing that personal robotics companies needed to put the same emphasis on customers and user experience as their consumer Internet counterparts.

Today, Grishin Robotics, his New York City-based venture capital firm, has made an investment that could mean a step in that direction: $250,000 in funding for RobotAppStore, which bills itself as the first-ever marketplace for apps that “extend the functionality of any types of robot–from Roomba vacuum cleaners and NAO humanoids to the AR.Drone quadcopter and Sphero (the robotic ball).” Read More

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Prepare for a Future Where Our Robot Overlords Communicate In Dubstep

Just a crew of robots, kickin it. (Photo: screencap)

As you might have noticed, here at Betabeat we’ve put ourselves on Skynet watch. As part of our duties, we like to keep one eye firmly fixed on the rise of robots. So far, we’ve seen them making burritos, lifeguarding, even kicking your ass in rock, paper, scissors.

But what of the future? How will the robots talk amongst themselves? This video (created a 3D artist working under the name Fluxel Media) proposes a possibility more awful than we’d previously considered: Dubstep. Read More

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Meet Mark V. Shaney, Usenet’s Very Own @Horse_ebooks

Mr. Pike, Mark V Shaney's designer. (Photo: Flickr)

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time on the Internet, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the phenomenon of @Horse_ebooks, a Twitter spam bot that has managed to escape being shuttered by the microblogging service due in part to its weird and wildly popular form of poetry. The bot mines websites for snippets of text and tweets them a few times a day. As Gawker wrote in their oddly compelling investigation of the Russian programmer behind @Horse_ebooks, “The feed’s strangely poetic stream has been embraced like a life-preserver by internet users drowning in a sea of painfully literal SEO headlines and hack Twitter comedians.”

Of course, @Horse_ebooks is not the first bot to scrape texts and present its findings packaged in an entertaining and eerily human way. Before Twitter and before @Horse_ebooks there was Mark V. Shaney, a program that was so good at feigning humanity that it managed to confuse and rile Usenet group users for years. Read More