Movin On Up

Movin On Up

MakerBot Picks Up Stakes and Heads for Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn. (

One Metrotech’s name is now a little more apropos: 3-D printer-maker MakerBot is relocating from Boerum Hill to take over the building’s entire 21st floor, confirms  the Wall Street Journal. “We’re going to put the tech in Metrotech, literally,” said Bre Pettis. (Get it?)

As the article points out, downtown Brooklyn is currently being heralded as one point of the borough’s “tech triangle” (the others being Dumbo and the Brooklyn Navy Yard). But that name involves just a tiiiny bit of wishful thinking at the moment. MakerBot, for example, is One Metrotech’s first tech tenant, and it’ll take a while for NYU’s 370 Jay Street tech campus to get up and running. And officials are pretty upfront about the fact that the area lacks a certain something at the moment:  Read More

Movin On Up

Spark Capital’s Mo Koyfman Promoted to General Partner

Mo' Koyfman, mo' investments.

Spark Capital just announced the promotion of principal Mo Koyfman, the golden-haired Wharton alum who joined the firm in the summer of 2008 after more than six years sourcing deals and incubating startups at IAC.

It won’t be much of a change, as far as the young investor’s duties go. “I’ve already been functioning in the capacity as a general partner so to speak,” he told Betabeat this afternoon, noting that he sits on six or seven boards now including Skillshare, Workmarket, Svpply, gdgt and Aviary. “It’s a bit of a rubber stamp and certainly an acknowledgment of the efforts I’ve made to date, which I appreciate tremendously.” Read More