Indie Game: The Movie Will Make You Happy You’re Not a Game Developer


The first line in Indie Game: The Movie, a Sundance-winning documentary that chronicles the struggles of independent game developers, is the following: “Are you fucking kidding me?

That incredulous statement, spat from the mouth of a 30-year-old game programmer named Tommy Refenes, punctuates the entire 96-minute film, a chronicle of the tumultuous series of ups and downs encountered by a handful of indie game developers leading up to the releases of their games.

The film was screened at the IFC on 6th Avenue today, and we were one of only three people in the theatre. It’s a shame, too–even though our video game knowledge extends mostly to old school games like Super Mario and the more popular contemporary Xbox games (Portal and Borderlands are our favs), we still found the documentary to be a fascinating glimpse into just how much time, energy and passion goes into making the kinds of games we play every day. Read More