Modern Love

Modern Love

Broken Hearts Can Now Be Mended Via Text Message ^_^


Going to therapy is not only costly, but it’s just so empire. Know what the hip new way to confront your emotional problems is? Texting about them, of course.

Sociologists and psychologists have always argued that in-person communication trumps the digital when it comes to catharsis, but IT World reports that medical professionals are coming around in terms of the positive effects of textual communication.

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Modern Love

Introducing Survivalist Singles: Online Dating for the Doomsday Set

When the apocalypse comes, you may or may not need this book. (

Sometimes it seems like the eligible pool of people on dating sites like OkCupid and just don’t understand how close the apocalypse looms. Some of us are more interested in gathering wood than sexting pictures of it, if ya know what we mean. A dickpic isn’t going to keep us from freezing to death come the End Times.

Luckily, for rapture rooters and those convinced economic collapse is nigh, you don’t have to face the apocalypse alone. Survivalist Singles, an online dating site for “preppers”–a subculture of people preparing for future large-scale disasters–is here to find you a similarly minded partner with whom you can face the future. Because nothing says “I love you” like a garage full of water bottles and plant-friendly manure created with your own shit. Read More

Modern Love

Nerve Personals, the Original Hipster Dating Site, Relaunches After Years of Bad Tech With a Human Proposition


If your recollection of the last tech bubble is kinda hazy—Netscape IPO yadda yadda—you might have missed the hype around Nerve Personals, which first launched in the year 2000.

For New Yorkers of a certain self-selecting cultural persuasion, the dating site from was the first online offering that catered to their demo. Read More

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Online Dating Is Worth $3 Billion a Year

Check yes if you like me.

OK, Cupid: why are there so many online dating startups in New York? You have your OKCupid for quiz-happy Brooklynites, HowAboutWe for active Manhattanites, for the olds, JDate for the chosen people, Grindr for sex, Grouper for the ostensibly platonic, and Ignighter for Indians. That’s just a sample off the top of our heads. Read More

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Welcome to the Gilt Groupe of Online Dating: Blackbook 365 Curates People

Oh. Hello there, Andy.

On first glance, it’s easy to mistake the newly-launched online dating site Blackbook 365 for one of Gilt Groupe’s rapidly multiplying fashion verticals. The site, which was founded by a fashion entrepreneur (who wants to remain anonymous . . . for now) has sections on style, beauty, food & cocktails, and even an “It List” of trendsetters and tastemakers.

But it’s raison d’être can be found under the tabs Men 365 and Women 365.

Just as Gilt Groupe delivers daily deals on a curated selection of luxury goods, Blackbook 365 will feature a daily profile of a good-looking, successful, (ostensibly charming) professional–the aspirational items of the dating world! Sorry, no flash sale on lasting love, though. Read More

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LoCreep, ‘The LoJack for Creeps’, Launches Out of the HackNY Hackathon Into a Real, Live Startup


It looks like LoCreep, an app Betabeat first told you about back in October, has creeped its way into official startup status. After presenting at New York Tech Meetup last week with a similarly amusing shtick to one they used at hackNY’s hackathon, Xconomy reports that team members Andres Campanella and Misha Ponizil are even contemplating the possibility of funding—once they get a business plan together, of course. Read More