millennial problems

millennial problems

There’s Now an Instagram-Only TV Series Because Our Attention Spans Are Shot Hey What’s That Over There

A shot from the series (Photo via

For many millennials, each weekday can feel like a never-ending trudge through a festering swamp full of tweets, status updates, likes, tags, Vines, snaps, listicles and quizzes.

It’s tough to remember why we started engaging in these social networks in the first place, only to become more and more addicted to this endless stream of cheap stimuli. Worst of all, it’s rendered many of us unable to focus on traditional forms of media such as, you know, books, movies and even 22-minute TV shows. Read More

millennial problems

Science Says Millennials Don’t Give a Crap About Lame Office Cell Phone Rules

She's pulling in a mill as we speak. (Photo via Getty)

Millennials may be rubbish at moving out of our parents’ houses, saving for retirement and talking about things that aren’t ourselves, but we’re good at one thing: staring at our smartphones. And by God, you can’t take that away from us.

Case in point, a new poll from computer security company Fortinet proves that white-collar workers ages 21 to 32 don’t give a toss about your arbitrary workplace texting rules, the Washington Times reports. Read More

millennial problems

Our Dream of a Dog Collar That Shocks Us When We Say ‘Like’ May Soon Come to Fruition

Besties. (Photo: Getty)

Young people these days — “millennials,” if you will — catch a lot of flack because of how chilled out and awesome they are. One thing that is kind of annoying about people born from about 1985 onward, though, is their tendency to sometimes say the word “like” every five seconds and end every sentence as if it were a question kind of?

Luckily, though, scientists are developing sensors built to sit inside people’s mouths. The technology will be able to monitor users’ eating, smoking and speech habits, Fast Co. reports. Read More