Mile High Club

Mile High Club

Meet, the New Travel Startup Techies Can’t Stop Tweeting About

If our Twitter feed was to believed this morning, a freshly-launched startup called is the biggest thing to hit the internet since Spotify. (Or should we say Color?) Path’s Shakil “Shak” Khan, an adviser to the heat-seeking Swedish music startup, compared it to the former, tweeting, “Not since the Spotify launch have I had SO MANY requests for invites to a service,” along with an invite code.

A photo showed more than 117,000 Facebook comments in 54 seconds in response to a status update from Playtime founder Micah Spear saying “If you Travel more than twice a year and you do it in style. Sign up for @Valet and do what you do better.”

Is it even possible to get that many comments? We put the question to founder and CEO Josh Spear (Micah’s brother). “That was a FB bug,” the “frequent-flyer-mile-collector” responded by email. “But pretty funny nonetheless and poured gas on the fire.” Read More