Seriose Investigative Journalism Outfit Seeks Social Media Editor

ProPublica staff celebrate winning the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. Credit: Dan Nguyen/ProPublica.

ProPublica, the investigative journalism non-profit based in New York City and headed by former Wall Street Journal managing editor Paul Steiger, is looking to make three new hires. The open slots for senior editor and reporter are to be expected–the newsroom already has more than 30 reporters committed to a lofty mission of furthering Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism in the age of Huffington Post, Gawker, and The News of the World.

But the third position, for a social media editor, charged with handling Twitter and Facebook, is something of a surprise for a straight-laced news outlet whose mission is to maintain “an independent newsroom, located in Manhattan and led by some of the nation’s most distinguished editors, and staffed at levels unprecedented for a non-profit organization” and be the “best-led and best-funded investigative journalism operation in the United States,” especially since ProPublica has traditionally published stories in partnership with other outlets such as the New York Times that basically distribute the content. Read More


This Is an iPad

time tech bar

Time, Inc. has set up a demo space in its office to show how the magazine looks on today’s new-fangled MOBILE DEVICES. “The baristas at TIME Inc.’s newly installed TECH BAR, designed by our client Conant Architects, are serving up the company’s digital media assets on iPads, iPhones, Kindles and BlackBerrys as a way to integrate and educate employees and stakeholders on the company’s technological developments and future media goals.” More like Apple’s Genius Bar than a Starbucks or The Magician, but we like this idea.


Village Voice Union: If We Strike, We’re Starting a Competitor on Tumblr

the real voice

When media workers go on strike, they know how to get the word out. Village Voice employees are threatening a strike this week because of diminishing salaries and cuts to staff. But here’s an interesting twist! The staff is threatening to stop working for the Voice, as you’d normally expect in a strike, but they’re not going to stop working. The plan is to keep publishing–but on Tumblr, where Village Voice Media can’t sell ads against it: Read More


Reddit: Domain Buying Spree Was Just Housekeeping

reddit hockey

“Conde buying Reddit domains… what does it mean???” we gchatted Reddit co-founder and advisor Alexis Ohanian today.  “Just that Reddit is taking over the world,” he typed back.

We had speculated that the URL shopping spree meant Conde Nast had some crazy big ambitions for Reddit verticals; sadly, it’s not so. There are no plans for Planet Reddit.

We got the real explanation for Conde Nast’s 285-domain land grab from Reddit general manager Erik Martin: “Just prudence. Much easier to protect them this way, instead of getting them back when spammers set up some site,” he said in an email. “Well, except for…that’s going to be HUGE!!!”


PR Firm Paid by Facebook to Slime Google Not Firing Anyone


Burson-Marsteller’s excuse for attempting to pay journalists to bash Google? The flacks who did it were new, the company told PR Week, and will receive further training rather than summary termination. The two employees who ran the smear campaign were new to Burson and new to PR, The Daily Beast reports: Jim Goldman, former tech reporter for CNBC, and John Mercurio, a former political reporter. Really, Burson? You put the noobs on the Facebook account?

Burson’s mea culpa: “Whatever the rationale, this was not at all standard operating procedure and is against our policies, and the assignment on those terms should have been declined.”


Caroline McCarthy Out of the Tech Blogging Game; Heading to Googleplex


CNET’s New York-based social media reporter Caroline McCarthy is out of the tech blogging game and on to presumably better-remunerated things at Google.

“I want to thank you for your support, insight, inspiration, and amusement over the course of my five years as a journalist with CBS/CNET.  My last day at the company is May 6. Following ten days that will be divided up between a remote cabin somewhere in Northern California and the annual overnight Ragnar Relay from Woodstock to Westchester, I’m starting a new chapter at Google,” she wrote in an email to friends this morning. Read More