Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada

1 in 3 Desperate Canadians Hack Their Way Into U.S. Netflix Because Their Version Sucks

We weren't kidding. (Photo: Wikipedia)

If you have never watched Canadian television before, let us tell you a little secret: it’s terrible. It consists of knock-offs of our shows (uh, hi The Real Housewives of Vancouver), weird French soap operas, and lots of hockey. And apparently Canadians can’t escape that misery by using their version of Netflix since that is also terrible.  Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadian Mounties Arrest Major Mafiosos By Intercepting Their BBMs

Good job, Mounties. (Wikimedia Commons)

As if you needed yet another reason not to use a BlackBerry, you can’t even use them to carry out organized crime anymore.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) used intercepted BlackBerry messages to make 33 mob-related arrests in the province of Québec, effectively dismantling two major Italian organized crime cells. Here’s how the RCMP described the operation — called Project CLEMENZA — in a press release: Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Polite Canadian 14-Year-Olds Hack ATM, Steal No Money

Does Bank of Montreal need to rethink its ATM security measures? (Wikimedia Commons)

We Canadians might not all live in igloos and wear beaver pelts, but some of us are really as ridiculously polite as the rumors say.

A pair of 14-year-old boys from Winnipeg managed to hack a Bank of Montreal ATM on their school lunch break, the Winnipeg Sun reports. But once they broke into the system, instead of pocketing heaps of cash, they politely informed the bank about the ATM’s vulnerability. Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadian Family Ends Ban On Technology Made After 1986

The family enjoying some tech-free family time (Screengrab: YouTube)

Remember that kooky Canadian family that banned all technology made after 1986? They’ve finally reached their goal of making it all the way to April 2014 — a noble pursuit, as we can’t go an hour without playing Doodle Jump.

Father Blair McMillan, 27, first imposed the ban when he invited his son, Trey, to come play outside, but Trey elected to play with his iPad instead. Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Here’s What Happens When Polite Canadians Try to Participate in Sports Twitter

Team Canada players watching the Canada-U.S. semifinal game. (Getty)

In case you didn’t spend the hours between noon and 2pm glued to your TV, the Canadian and American men’s Olympic hockey teams just faced off in a HIGHLY anxiety-provoking semifinal game.

Team Canada supporters took to Twitter attempting to be vicious and competitive with their pro-U.S. rivals, but — rather unsurprisingly — the results were still prettttttty polite: Read More

Meanwhile in Canada

Canadians Are Locating Lost Pets Using a Facial Recognition App

You wouldn't want to lose this guy, now would you? (Wikimedia Commons)

Americans may be gearing up to use facial recognition software to find out if their friends are serial killers, but meanwhile it Canada, they’re using it to track down their lost puppies.

According to the Globe and Mail, Vancouver dog shop cofounder Philip Rooyakkers has developed an app called Positive Identification of Pets—or PiP, for short—that helps tech-savvy Canadians find their lost cats and dogs. Read More