McAfee Speaks

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Is in Guatemala, Suckers

(Photo: Vice)

Today, Vice announced that it had managed to track down antivirus king John McAfee after he’d safely escaped Belize while wanted for questioning related to the murder of his neighbor. In smug hipster fashion, the online mag published a post called “We Are With John McAfee Right Now, Suckers,” along with a photo showing Vice editor in chief Rocco Castoro posing sans smile next to a cross-armed Mr. McAfee.

But it turns out that Vice may have forgotten to scrub the EXIF data from the photo they uploaded. In fact, the photo’s geolocation info shows that Mr. McAfee & Co. appear to be seeking safe harbor near Rio Dulce, Guatemala. Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee Would Like Anonymous to Wait Until ‘I Accidentally Hang Myself’ to Attack Belize

Plotting. (Photo: File)

It’s been a heady month for antivirus pioneer/shotgun enthusiast John McAfee. First, his neighbor was murdered; then, the he was on the run from the Belizean police; finally, he became a media sensation, captivating reporters with tales of clever disguises and the terrors of Central American prisons.

Well, just because the major networks have taken their microphones away doesn’t mean Mr. McAfee has stopped talking. He continues to blog up a storm at the blog/graphic novel marketing site, and just yesterday he did Infowars and Joe Rogan.

So what’s on Mr. McAfee’s mind? Bath salts, for one thing. Read More

McAfee Speaks

John McAfee’s Latest, Greatest Disguise Involves Tampons Up His Nose

This guy, but with shoe polish on his face. (Photo: Long Island Press)

Just when you thought the story of antivirus king John McAfee–who’s wanted for questioning by Belizean police for the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull–couldn’t get any stranger, dude goes and starts a blog about how he’s managed to evade police by posing as a dolphin carving peddler who sticks tampons up his nose.

In a blog called Who is McAfee?, which suspiciously resembles a marketing ploy for the upcoming graphic novel about his life The Hinterland, Mr. McAfee spares no details in describing exactly what it’s like to be on the run from authorities in Central America. Read More