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Park Slope Patrick Stewart is Your New Favorite Tumblr

(Photo: Park Slope Patrick Stewart)

Dear readers, have you heard the good news? The devilishly handsome Patrick Stewart–Shakespearean scholar and he of Star Trek: The Next Generation glory–has nestled himself between the hip young parents and NYU students in a new apartment in Park Slope.

Naturally, the neighborhood worked itself into a tizzy awaiting the arrival (via transporter, we assume) of the Captain Picard. And now that he’s there, one Park Sloper has chosen to immortalize his new residency the only way Brooklynites know how: with a single-serving Tumblr, of course. Read More

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Delightfully Ludicrous Twitter Account Imagines How Non-Existent Season of Star Trek Played Out

(Photo: 9Laughs)

Today, The Daily Dot published the story behind one of our favorite Twitter users, @tng_s8, a parody account that purports to publish plotlines from the unaired season 8 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. @tng_s8 is run by a 30-year-old Los Angeles-based aspiring comedy writer who asked that the Daily Dot not use his name, lest the pureness of this Twitter stream be tainted by his Hollywood dreams.

The account undoubtedly appeals to the more rabid TNG fans among us, but even if your knowledge of the show extends simply to “That one guy has a beard,” you’ll probably find some of the tweets pretty hilarious. Below, we’ve collected our favorites. Read More

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Beloved Star Trek Actor George Takei Incites DDoS Panic

One of the offending shirts.

What if you had such a staunch following on Facebook that posting a link resulted in so may clicks that the ISP thought you were staging a DDoS attack? That’s what happened to George Takei, who is best known for playing fan favorite Mr. Sulu in the Star Trek films and series.

Mr. Takei has over two million Facebook fans. An average post receives thousands of comments, likes and shares, numbers that would have most social marketers foaming at the mouth. He shares tons of memes, weird news articles and videos, and is apparently also fond of Sulu-themed LGBTQ merchandise, as that’s where he ran into trouble with one paranoid ISP. Read More