Love Thy Developers

Love Thy Developers

David Karp: ‘We’ve Been Letting Down Our Developer Community’


Last night, Steven Pears—the developer behind Windows Phone app DashBuddy, which brings Tumblr functionality to the WP7 Marketplace—penned a post lambasting Tumblr for failing to work with their developer community despite working so hard on their API. He probably didn’t expect to get a response, or an especially public and contrite one. Which, for the record, he did. Read More

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Tumblr Nixes Another Popular Independent Tumblr App,, After the Directory’s Booming Weekend


Texas-based developer Manny Mendez launched the independent Tumblr directory about a month or two ago. It had about 50 users, mainly in his town of Corpus Christi, he told Betabeat in an email. But Mr. Mendez revisited the site this weekend and made a few changes, and suddenyl the directory was slammed with about 100,000 visits. Betabeat noticed a tweet from Reuters blogger and social media powerhouse Anthony DeRosa, who had listed his Tumblr; but when we clicked through, the link spit out Tumblr’s error page. It turns out Tumblr had banned the app, which called to mind the recent dust-up over the popular “Missing e” extension, during which Tumblr threatened to pull the developer’s personal blog if he didn’t cease and desist. Considering Tumblr has been building its own directory for several months, Betabeat wondered if the startup was merely trying to quash the competition.

But after a harried day of noncommunication, Mr. Mendez says the signs look good for his directory.  Read More

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Foursquare Global Hackathon Produces Location-Based Mashups With Spotify, Runkeeper, the U.S. Census and More


Foursquare hosted its second hackathon over the weekend at General Assembly, a surprisingly gender-balanced affair at General Assembly fueled by Pepsi products and beer from Sixpoint Craft Ales. Developers in Paris demonstrated more than 20 new foursquare apps; hackers in Japan demo’ed eight or nine. The New York hackathon produced about 25 apps, hacks and mashups.

Let’s just say there are a lot of new ways to play foursquare. Hackathon savant and newly-anointed Twilio evangelist Jon Gottfried and his team created Loo Review, a game for photographing and rating the city’s public toilets. Betabeat also liked CRawsome, a hack from Yipit’s Vinny Vacanti and Steve Pulec that texts venue managers when regulars and “social influencers” check in.

Perhaps 200 attendees were strewn across the floor, couches, and extra tables that had been set up in the main room, but only 50 were checked into General Assembly when Betabeat arrived in the afternoon for demos–probably because hackers had been checking in all day (about eight had stayed overnight to work on their projects). Just ten percent were present at the first foursquare hackathon in February, according to a show of hands. Read More

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Dear Twitter: Here Is How to Fix Your API

Mr. Marx.

This is a guest post by Orian Marx, a serial entrepreneur obsessed with tackling information overload. He has a computer science background with expertise in Flash and Flex front-end development. He’s a born-and-raised New Yorker who likes to swing dance when he’s not working.

I want to make something clear from the start: I love Twitter, though sometimes I wonder if I’m suffering from Stockholm syndrome. I have devoted much of the last three years of my life to working with the Twitter API and continue to pursue building the world’s best Twitter client for professionals in the form of Siftee. Recently Twitter staff has been reaching out to developers with a renewed vigor in the hopes of recapturing some of the goodwill and enthusiasm that has been squandered in the past two years. I applaud them for that. The new developer discussion site and documentation portal are significant improvements. Jack Dorsey has reached out for feedback. I recently spent time on the phone with Jason Costa, Twitter’s developer relations manager, at his request.  I think these are all good signs for the ecosystem.

With that said, there is a lot of feedback to give. This post is a technical one focused on the API itself, not on Twitter’s relationship with developers. Although it’s technical I’ve tried really hard to make it readable to “normals.” :)

Without further ado, here’s what’s wrong with the Twitter API … Read More

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Tumblr Threatens to Shut Down ‘Missing E’ Developer’s Personal Tumblr

This is all highly unofficial.

Things don’t look good for Canadian developer Jeremy Cutler, who created a popular browser extension that modifies the Tumblr interface in several neat ways, including tweaks to the navigation, the ability to reblog yourself as well as a faster way to add tags and replies, a feature that opens all posts from the dashboard in a new tab, and on and on. “Missing e” has been shared 800 times via Twitter, 3,000 times via Facebook and 240 times via Google+. But Tumblr-proper is unhappy about the extension because it interferes with control over user experience (among other reasons), and has threatened to shut down Mr. Cutler’s personal Tumblr if he doesn’t cease and desist. Read More