Hello M’Lady: Hilarious Amy Schumer Video Skewers ‘Friendzoned’ Guys

"You can't win. But the app does send you a warning text when he angrily turns on you." (Screengrab via YouTube.)

Reddit functions as many things — a cradle for Internet memes, a hub for horrifying tales of bodily functions, a much-needed platform for Lil Jon.

But one of the most nefarious ways Reddit has influenced our culture is by providing a platform for men who believe they’ve been “friendzoned.”

What is the friendzone? It’s a pretend place that exists only in the imaginations of oft-rejected heterosexual men — and on a popular subreddit. Read More


OMG Stephan Paternot is Back

Mr. Paternot: ready for his closeup.

Stephan “Got the Girl, Got the Money, Now I’m Ready to Live a Disgusting, Frivolous Life” Paternot is back, VentureBeat reports, in an astounding blast from the past with a new startup, Slated, an AngelList for film productions (Barry Silbert likes it!). To recall, Mr. Paternot was the founder of a sort of proto-Facebook, theglobe, which set a record for the biggest first-day stock gain on Wall Street at the time, popping up close to $1 billion. Today, is a shell company with no significant assets or operations, and has no significant source of revenue. Funny how that happens. Read More