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A Movie About Internet Addiction Camp Is Premiering At Sundance

web junkie movie internet addiction sundance documentary

China is the first country to have labeled Internet addiction as a clinical disorder. We don’t really know what the holdup is for every other country with broadband access to follow suit. 

Let’s take a look at the facts: somebody wore Google Glass to walk down the aisle, children now have to be gently reminded to go outside by storybook characters, and Dogecoin exists. Check and mate.

Anyway, in China they are already recognizing Internet addiction as the body-destroying, time-consuming succubus it is. People have even died, reports

That’s why institutions like Beijing’s Daxong Camp exist. It’s a rehabilitation facility for teens who are addicted to the Internet. They’re forced to endure military physical training, medication, therapy sessions and controlled diet in order to get over their addiction. Read More

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Teens and Gamers Scatter as Country’s First Internet Addiction Program Opens

Pretty much everyone. (Photo:

Stop making pouty faces into the Snapchat cam for just a sec and listen up: Internet addiction is real, and treatment for it has officially hit the U.S.

No longer will you have to fly all the way to Japan to find a place that can help tame your WoW obsession. Fox News reports that on September 9th, Bradford Regional Medical Center in central Pennsylvania will open the country’s first-ever Internet addiction treatment center. Read More