Life is Tweet

Life is Tweet

WWDC Was a Snore, But the Live Tweeters Really Turned it Out

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.53.53 PM

The Internet stood still today in hopes that Apple’s WWDC ’14 would give them the first glimpse of the near future in tech. They were, for the most part, sorely disappointed.

There were no new devices, no cool gadgets, no hotly anticipated iWatch, no new iPhone, no line of sick Macbooks. Sure, they finally debuted Healthbook — renamed “Healthkit” — but we’ve known about that for months. Otherwise, they showed off an iOS upgrade, some cosmetic changes to OSX, and a new programming language called “Swift” that’s sending the code community into a frenzy. Read More

Life is Tweet

Maya Angelou’s 17 Most Inspirational Tweets

Dr. Angelou celebrating her birthday at a garden party in 2010. (Photo: Getty)

Inspirational quotes about love, life and happiness appear all over Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. They’re usually corny and easy to mock — but once in a while, you might stumble across an aphorism that makes you think.

The poet, memoirist and general pro at living an awesome life Maya Angelou, though, was a master of the inspirational tweet. And it’s no wonder. She had enough good advice up her sleeve to count spirituality junkies like Oprah Winfrey as followers. Read More

Life is Tweet

Social Media Weekend 2012: Great, Important, Wonderful Stuff


Gianna Palmer is a guest blogger for Betabeat.

This past weekend, Columbia’s Journalism School hosted its second annual Social Media Weekend. We’re not entirely sure what the event was like, because we couldn’t afford to shell out $200 for the all-inclusive weekend pass. Imagining that it had a lot to do with Twitter, Betabeat turned to the official hashtag for Social Media Weekend— yes, there was one— for clues. Here’s what #smwknd found us: Read More