Life in 3D

Life in 3D

The President of Foxconn Isn’t Impressed With Your Gimmicky 3D Printers

All hail!

Last week the enthusiasm over 3D printing culminated in the acquisition of Brooklyn’s own MakerBot by the publicly traded Stratasys. But not everyone’s as excited about this particular disruptive technology. Take the head of Foxconn, for example, who recently insisted to the Taiwanese press that it’s just not that big a deal.

VentureBeat reports that earlier this week, he dismissed the innovation as so much hot air: Read More

Life in 3D

MakerBot Boots 3D Printed Gun Parts from Thingiverse

(Photo: MakerBot)

After the events in Newtown, the gun control debate has taken on a new urgency. Suddenly 3D-printed firearms look a lot less like a thought-provoking experiment and more like a danger to the public–and Makerbot wants nothing to do with that.

CNET reports that just yesterday, it was possible to get the blueprints for the lower receiver of an AR15 semiautomatic rifle on Makerbot’s wiki Thingiverse. Today, there’s nothing but this listing where the downloads used to be. It’s part of a wider crackdown across the site on 3D-printed weapon parts. Read More

Life in 3D

New and Britney Spears Video Also Stars a Makerbot 3D Printer Because . . .

(Screencap: YouTube)

When one mulls over the future of manufacturing, naturally the first question that comes to mind is: How we can we as a nation effectively mass produce cornerstone products, like a plastic bust of performer

Luckily, Mr. Am–who last we heard was hurtling our planet towards a Martian attack–has ushered 3D printing into the mainstream by including it in his newest video, “Scream and Shout,” also featuring the eminently GIF-able Britney Spears. At around 1:38 in the video, a 3D printer sitting on a platform displaying the Makerbot logo is seen printing thin layers of plastic to create a bust of that vital American commodity: Mr. Am’s head. Read More

Life in 3D

Introducing the World’s First Photobooth That Prints 3D Figurines Instead of Portraits


At the Makerbot pop up shop in Nolita, you can purchase mini figurines made by high-tech 3D printers in shapes like cats for $5 a pop. They’re a cute novelty, but there’s nothing personal about them; they’re basically mass-manufactured balls of plastic. But a new invention showing at an exhibition space in Japan puts a personalized spin on the 3D printing market. The Omote 3D printer is a photobooth, but instead of printing out your photo on paper, it prints a miniature replica of you. Read More

Life in 3D

Today in Tearjerkers: 3D Printer Builds Device That Helps Partially Paralyzed Child Move Her Arms

(Photo: YouTube)

Feeling like you could use a good cry? It’s okay, we all need one sometimes.

3D printing company Stratasys developed a Dimension 3D printer that can print a custom robotic device that improved the range of motion for a little girl. The 4-year-old, Emma Lavelle, has a congenital disease that keeps her from being able to move her arms. By using a 3D printer, doctors were able to develop a custom robotic exoskeleton that fit her tiny frame.

Go ahead, let it out. There, there. Read More