Let's Talk Trolls

Let's Talk Trolls

Patent Trolls Lay Claim to Emoticons and the Twilight Premiere Date

Emoticons, making the world a better place one ^_^ at a time.

Say the term “patent” aloud, and theĀ guttural “ughs” erupting from the throats of open source fans everywhere will keel you over sideways. Say the term “patent troll,” and you’ll automatically feel their collective scorn tunneling deep into your heart. But open source lovers do have a point.

Patent trolls–people who buy up patents for absurdly broad ideas and then sue companies who infringe upon them–are the kind of people who stifle innovation and inhibit the tech industry from properly exploring its creative side. They also claim to own things that should belong to the general public–like emoticons, for instance. Read More

Let's Talk Trolls

The Trolls Come Out For 10Gen

(Illustration by David Saracino / New York Observer.)

Don’t play with matches in a dry wooded area. Don’t put a detailed rant on Hacker News unless you’re prepared to start a fire.

An anonymous pastebin post from this weekend slammed the MongoDB database architecture and in particular the support from 10Gen, the AlleyCorp company with deep ties to MongoDB. It quickly raced to the top of Hacker News and from there around the developer community.

The screed got a ton of attention, to the point where 10Gen CTO Eliot Horowitz jumped into the comments on Hacker News and addressed the complaints point by point. Mr. Horowitz conceded that a lot of the issues where known complaints about MongoDB, but also highlighted the fact that many details from the post didn’t match up to any of what 10Gen offered or any of their customer records.

In fact, deep in the comments on the Hacker News post, the “originator” of the pastebin post appeared to claim he was just a troll testing the masses to see who were sheep. Read More