Lego my LEGOs

Lego my LEGOs

Tech Exec Found Guilty of Using Nerd Trick to Steal Legos from Target


Back in May, SAP executive Thomas Langenbach was charged with stealing and reselling thousands of dollars worth of Legos. The Valley hotshot used technology developed at SAP to create new barcodes, which he pasted overtop the barcodes of his stolen treasures. The new barcodes were encoded with much lower prices, so he could buy the Legos at a discount and resell them online. With the beloved building blocks he kept, Mr. Lagenbach also assembled a mini Legoland inside his mansion. Read More

Lego my LEGOs

Professional Nerd Uses Scam to Buy More LEGOs

The "Computer Programmer" lego minifigure. (

It’s not always sunny in Legoland, guys. NBC Bay Area reports that Thomas Langenbach, a VP at ERP software company SAP Labs in Palo Alto, has been arrested for stealing LEGOs. Mr. Langenbach, who likes to go by “Lord LEGOs” (okay, not really), used his computer expertise to create new bar codes, which he stuck overtop of regular Target bar codes in order to purchase LEGOs at reduced prices. Read More