Four Kickstarter-Backed Films Sundance Films Have Already Gotten Deals

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With one day left in January, there’s still time for the annual media ritual: celebrating Kickstarter’s crowdfunded contributions to world cinema. NPR has already noted that 10 percent of this year’s Sundance selections raised money through Startupland’s answer to Harvey Weinstein. That’s the same percentage of the Sundance slate Kickstarter helped back in 2012.

Last year, Kickstarter sent 19 films to Park City, four of which picked up awards. This year, 17 Kickstarter-backed films made it to Sundance and took home 5 awards. More importantly, you might actually get a chance to see some, since four films already inked deals.  Read More


Kickstarter Shows Off Their Beautiful Faces on New Team Page

Whoa (Photo:

There are some lookers spread across the board in New York’s tech scene, but no one holds a candle to the collective attractiveness of the Kickstarter team. Seriously, their staff is a little too beautiful, like the shirt folders of the local Abercrombie in our high school days.

Luckily, we can now gaze at them all day long on the site’s new team page. They’ve bucked the trend of posing together like a picture day elementary school class and have instead gone with a looping scrollable video gallery. It’s like taking a ride through Disney World’s Hall of Presidents, as styled by American Apparel. Read More


Kickstarter To Open In The U.K. Without Any Help From Amazon


Kickstarter announced today that the U.K. version of its crowdfunding platform would launch on Wednesday, October 31st. A very spooky day for a launch–or perhaps it’s just an excuse to dress up like the king and queen of England? Starting today, starving film students and wacky designers who live overseas can start registering their projects and get them approved, so that they can be ready to launch on the 31st.

To go along with the international expansion, the site also just added a streamlined international shipping option for both US and UK projects. The update makes it clear to international backers when the creator is asking for more money to cover the cost of international shipping. Read More


Backers Better Beware: Kickstarter Says No Refunds, No Way

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A series of stumbles–dead jellyfish, burned sandals, iffy iPod docks–has Kickstarter backers wondering whether there’s any recourse when they bet on projects that just don’t pan on. Their discontent finally bubbled up to NPR, which politely requested some answers yesterday. And so today, the Kickstarter cofounders–Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler, and Charles Adler–took to the company blog to clarify a few things, with a post titled “Accountability on Kickstarter.”

That mason jar desk lamp hasn’t show up? The brainwave-scanning iPhone accessory not working quite right? Concerned that brilliant poet has taken off to Tahiti with your donation? Sorry, Charlie. It’s not Kickstarter’s responsibility to make you whole: Read More


This Kickstarter Campaign Would Prefer You Not Back Them

Cheaper than a vacation!

The dream of the nineties is alive on Kickstarter! Or one specific dream is, anyway: virtual reality. Think the holodecks from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Oculus Rift is a new gaming headset currently raising money on the crowdfunding platform, and it’s already garnered quite a bit of attention. And how could it not, promising “truly immersive virtual reality”? The excitement is such that its campaign is already overfunded, having raised $1,688,407 to the requested $250,000, and there’s still a big chunk of August left to go.

Don’t pull out your credit card just yet, though. According to Wired, the folks behind the campaign don’t want your money. Not if you’re a consumer, anyway: Read More


Kickstarter Unveils a Redesign for Project Pages

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Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen announced today on the company’s blog that project pages for the crowdfunding site have gotten a major makeover. Now it will be easier to find information about projects like that sketchy open source game console Ouya. Rejoice!

Though we’re no UI experts, Kickstarter’s original project pages could be described as “cluttered” and “confusing” at best. Mr. Chen hopes this redesign will make absorbing information about projects you might want to back much easier. Read More