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Disrupt Your Fridge with These Silicon Valley-Inspired Word Magnets


You know those Magnet Poetry sets — those white word magnets that you probably haven’t seen since you found them arranged into ridiculous sexual innuendos on your college refrigerator? They’re about to get a tech reboot.

“Silicon Valley Magnets” are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. If funded, the set will feature more than 120 techy buzzwords so you can can name your startup while you cook. Read More

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This Kickstarter Wants To Put ‘Justin Bieber’s Balls In Your Mouth’

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.36.34 PM

Have you ever been bobbing your head along to your favorite song and wondered, “What would this music taste like?” Unless you were rolling face on MDMA, probably not.

Nevertheless, Kickstarter campaign called Beatballs wants to develop a home food processor that evaluates the acoustic properties of a song, and turn that song into a meatball. Call it a cross between an iHome and a KitchenAid. Read More

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Kickstarter’s New HQ Will Be a Gutted Greenpoint Pencil Factory [UPDATED]

New digs. (Photo: Brownstoner)

No more nomadic roaming for Kickstarter: the 40-employee company is putting down roots with the purchase of what the New York Post dubs “a ruin”—the landmarked husk of a Greenpoint pencil factory. Oh, to be Lena Dunham and have the appropriate generation-defining wisecrack for this situation!

CEO Perry Chen informed the community board back in June that, “We are hoping to stay at 58 Kent [Street] forever—to be our permanent headquarters.” What is this “permanent” of which you speak? Whatever happened to pulling up stakes with every addition of 15 employees?   Read More

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Charlie Kaufman and Dan Harmon’s New Project Hits Kickstarter

Picture 4

Kickstarter is looking more and more like the place for top talent to find production outside of the creative limits of studio systems and record labels. Earlier this week, a release went out heralding the arrival of neo-soul legend Cody Chestnutt’s first album in a decade, funded through Kickstarter. Today, it’s Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Being John Malkovich screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, teaming up with the ousted showrunner of Community for a new movie through the crowdfunding platform.   Read More

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We Are All Aaron Cohen! Film About Aaron Cohens Written, Produced and Filmed By Aaron Cohens, Hits Kickstarter

The ACs.

There is a scene in the movie American Splendor in which the main character, Harvey Pekar, played by Paul Giamatti, riffs about other Harvey Pekars whose names disappear and reappear. “Who are these people? What do they do? What’s in a name?” he begs of the camera.

But while Mr. Pekar was too timid to ever pick up the phone and find out, Aaron Cohen was not. “I looked up my name in the phone book and there were eight Aaron Cohens living between 72nd Street and 96th Street, just on the Upper West Side, you know, just between West End Avenue and Central Park West,” Mr. Cohen told The Observer in 2009, and in that same year, he met a gaggle of nine AC’s, as he calls them, at Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side. From there, he plotted out a documentary about Aaron Cohens around the world, finding and friending them through Facebook (he is now friends with 132 of the 1,000+ AC’s on the social network). Last night he launched a Kickstarter campaign for the film around 10 p.m. from the Salt Lake City airport, after his redeye flight back to New York was canceled.

The campaign has raised $1,519 of its $50,000 from 10 backers, half of whom are named Aaron Cohen.

Mr. Cohen spent most of his career as an entrepreneur (co-founder of Concrete Media and and CEO of Menupages and Anyclip). He teaches a class called the History of Internet Media at NYU. “Twenty-five years ago, Woody Allen, Spalding Gray, and Ross McElwee sparked something inside of me. The Aaron Cohens is that thing,” he says on the campaigns Kickstarter page.

Mr. Cohen spoke to Betabeat via Gchat from the plane (edited slightly for punctuation) about the film, Kickstarter, Facebook, and being Aaron Cohen. Read More