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Kickstarter Thinks Redditor’s Creepy Dating Book Is ‘Abhorrent,’ But Declines to Remove It

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 6.16.02 PM

In a statement provided to Betabeat, the powers that be at Kickstarter announced that they will not be taking down the project for Redditor Ken Hoinsky’s dating advice book, which contains unsettling suggestions for how to treat women, including “grab her hand and put it right on your dick.” The book, called Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome With Women, far surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal and promises to compile much of the dating advice the prolific Mr. Hoinsky has published to Reddit over the years. Read More

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No One’s Giving Money to Zosia Mamet’s Hipster Folk Band Kickstarter

Zosia and Clara Mamet looking totes alternative with a super cool banjo

Zosia Mamet made a Kickstarter campaign to fund a pretentious folksy music video, and so far, nobody’s giving her any money.

Outside of Girls, Ms. Mamet performs with her sister, Clara, in a folk duo called “The Cabin Sisters.” Apparently, the band produces a “unique brand of folk via body percussion, banjo and harmonies.” (Maybe they could team up with Allison Williams on a banjo version of a Kanye album?) Read More

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Thrillist Has Hired Jannic Nielssen​, That Kid With the Kickstarter-Like Resume

Welcome to New York. (Photo: YouTube)

Here’s a lesson for all the soon-to-be college graduates out there looking for work: get off your ass and create some ~viral content~. It just might work! Take Jannic Nielssen, a rather lively young professional who launched a Kickstarter-esque campaign, fit with an elevator pitch promoting his skills, that he created to get him a job.

Mr. Nielssen was looking to get his foot in the door in either social media or advertising (who isn’t?), but needed an employment offer letter by May 1, or else the half-Jamaican, half-Norwegian citizen faced deportation due to his visa expiring. Read More

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Zach Braff Wants $2M From You to Make a Garden State Followup Film

(Screencap: Kickstarter)

Whether you really related to it as a tween or couldn’t get over the fact that you find Zach Braff annoying as hell, Garden State, the 2004 indie about feeling lost and listless in your 20s, is one of those films from the early aughts that is hard to forget (for better or worse). Its writer and director, Scrubs star and Reddit fav Zach Braff, hasn’t made another film since then, primarily, he claims, due to financing issues. Read More

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Attention, Ladies: This Purse Provides All Day Wireless Charging On-the-Go

(Photo: Kickstarter)

Everyone–including techie fashionistas and ladies who launch–tends to encounter the same problem when it comes to smartphones: most have a battery life that lasts only slightly longer than a coat of longwear lipstick. But here comes Kickstarter to the rescue! Introducing the Everpurse, a cute little clutch that will charge your phone on-the-go so that you’ll never run out of battery mid-Instagram scroll. Also, it’s super cute.

Dreamed up by a Chicago-based entrepreneur named Elizabeth Day Ormesher Salcedo, the Everpurse includes a special-charging pocket that “guides your phone smoothly onto a dock connector at the bottom.” According to the product’s Kickstarter, it can charge your phone from 0 to 100 percent approximately twice a day. It’s currently only available for the iPhone 4, 4s and 5, though an Android version is said to be on the way. Read More

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The New York City Council Now Using Kickstarter For Community Development

Discover NYC.

Is there anyone who isn’t on Kickstarter these days? The latest bandwagon-jumpers: The New York City Council, which has partnered with the artsy crowdfunding platform to create a landing page that highlights New York City-based projects.

The move is positioned as a way to help business owners in low-income neighborhoods get access to hard-to-find capital, a persistent problem.

Remember when microlending was going to solve everything? Now it’s crowdfunding. Wonder what it’ll be in five years?  Read More

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Kickstarter Getting Pretty Comical


Kickstarter is the third-largest publisher of comic books in the U.S., by some counts–or at least the third-largest funding source. Off-beat comics artists with small but loyal followings are successfully self-publishing titles like Cursed Pirate Girl, Inferno 2010 and Moriarty: The Dark Chamber, a story based around Sherlock Holmes’s arch-nemesis, as well as other, weirder things. The site has become such a force in the comics world that noted comic Johanna Carlson wrote a post declaring she wouldn’t be giving to any more Kickstarters. “I’m already tired of getting ‘press releases’ that are thinly disguised pleas for funds. I want to buy a book when I know when it’s available and what it looks like,” she wrote. A week later she walked it back with a post titled “More on Kickstarter: I Was Wrong.” Read More

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Kickstarter for a Twitter Scandal: Weinergate Documentary Fundraising Now

weinergate doc

Weinergate: The Impotence of Liberal Journalism will feature interviews with the bloggers and Twitter users who excavated the evidence of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s mis-fired dick pic tweet last week by digging through metadata in the file, analyzing the tweets before and after the incident, uncovering an odd loophole in the yfrog photo uploading service and generally being weird and obsessive. You can help better preserve this watershed moment in citizen journalism by joining the 12 backers who have contributed $965 so far to the campaign, which has 9 days to go.  Read More

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iPod Nano Watches–Kickstarter’s Most Successful Project–Coming to Apple Stores This Week

ipod watch

Chicago-based designer Scott Wilson put his design for two iPod Nano watches–one where the iPod is removable and one not–on Kickstarter after reading about it in articles and from a friend. He and his design team hoped to raise $15,000 in 30 days; they ended up raising $941,718.

And this week Apple retail stores in North America will start stocking the watches, Fast Company reports. Read More