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Dating Steve Jobs Was Not That Fun, His Ex’s New Tell-All Implies

Mr. Jobs. (Photo: Getty Images/ Ted Thai)

Steve Jobs’s first girlfriend, Chrisann Brennan, has written a memoir about her time with the tech giant. It’s called “The Bite in the Apple: A Memoir of My Life With Steve Jobs,” and the only thing that’ll make you cringe harder than its title is the sample of it that the New York Post published today.

Now, we can’t condemn Mr. Jobs for the beans his ex is spilling, as the late CEO is sadly no longer around to tell his side of the story. Read More

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Something Is . . . Off About These Startup Job Descriptions

Rap Genius cofounders Tom Lehman, Ilan Zechory and Mahbod Moghadam.

It’s hard out there for a startup, what with the tech talent crunch and all. A different kind of hardship than the one faced by America’s millions of underemployed, of course. But how are you going to recruit a programmer when Facebook can throw more money at almost any candidate worth having? At the seed-stage level, you’ll need more than the promise of equity and the ability to work from home.

Well, two well-funded companies have figured out one way to stand out from the pack: cutesy job postings! Read More

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Nokia Repays $420 K. Grant For Failing To Create Lasting Jobs in New York

Nokia's renovated headquarters via

This week, Nokia, the Finnish phone company currently taking a beating on its bottom line, was forced to pay back $420,000 for a broken deal to bring jobs to its former North American headquarters in Westchester.

The Empire State Development Corporation, a group responsible for moving companies to New York, had originally bestowed a $700,000 “Jobs Now” grant unto the smartphone maker back in 2006 when Nokia purchased a former IBM building in Harrison, New York, roughly 20 miles outside Manhattan. The problem was there were no “Jobs Later,” so to speak. Read More