Jews Against the Internet

Jews Against the Internet

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Are Having Another Mass Meeting About the Internet, This Time With Women

Internet asifa, take two.

Not everyone in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was pleased with how that recent rally against the Internet at Citifield turned out. The event was only for men, and its conclusion was that the Internet should only be used in the course of work and when necessary to earn a living–even though the event itself was livestreamed. Mixed messages!

Certain contingents were fired up after the event. Following the rally, one rabbi in upstate New York told his congregation to get rid of their cellphones within a month or find themselves a new rabbi. But some Jewish men and women found this position to be extreme, and so a second rally has been scheduled for the local ultra-Orthodox community in Flatbush. Read More

Jews Against the Internet

Either the Smartphone Goes or I Go, Rabbi Tells Followers

Kiryas Joel. (Photo: Daniel Case via Wikipedia)

It’s come to this: your iPhone or your rabbi. At least one New York rabbi has laid down an ultimatum after rabbis at a massive rally of ultra-Orthodox Jews banned the Internet. The Yeshiva World is reporting that a rabbi in Kiryas Joel, a Jewish town of 5,000 21,000 in Orange County, has told his followers that they must throw out their smartphones within a month or find a new rabbi. Read More