Jesus died for our selfies

Jesus died for our selfies

NYC Apartment Listing Promises Rooftop Is ‘Perfect For Selfies’

Imagine all the smizing you could do up here! (Screengrab: StreetEasy)

Renting an apartment to today’s youths poses a unique challenge. It must be close to the subway. It must be bright, and not located in a basement dungeon. Most importantly, it must be great for taking selfies.

At least, that was the thought process behind a recent listing on StreetEasy for an East Village apartment at 269 10th St. After describing the “5 to 10 minute walk from 6 & L trains, Union Square, NYU” and the “Modern kitchen, queen-sized bedroom with large closet & skylight,” the listing says: Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

White House Might Ban Selfies With Obama

This shall henceforth be known as The Last Selfie. (Screengrab: Twitter)

The White House is mulling a selfie ban so that President Barack Obama will never accidentally end up in a Samsung ad again.

Here’s the back story: Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz tweeted a seemingly innocuous selfie with the prez last Tuesday, the New York Daily News reports. It appeared to be spontaneous and charming — until the White House realized Mr. Ortiz has a deal with Samsung that includes PR photo ops like the Obama selfie. Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

Science Says The More You Post on Instagram, The Fewer Likes You Get

SELFIE (Photo: Celebuzz)

This is it. The fact we’ve all been avoiding, something we’ve all known to be true since the dawn of the Rise filter, has officially been confirmed by Science.

A recent study found that Instagram users who post too much or too often see less interaction from their followers, the New York Daily News reports. And that’s regardless of how many hordes of followers they have. Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

Surveys Show Social Media Is the Hip New Lenten Sacrifice

Just FYI. (Photo: Flickr)

It’s that time of year again: the forty days between Mardi Gras and Easter when Christians forego a favorite vice to remind Jesus they’re cool with him. And this year, millions are giving up Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

That’s right, all the cool kids are now giving up social media instead of chocolate and smoking for lent. A survey from the Barna Group showed 16 percent of people observing Lent will give up social media this year, the New York Post saysRead More

Jesus died for our selfies

Photoshop Expert: Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Using Tech to Deceive Us


Looks like Kim Kardashian may be manipulating more than just the hearts and minds of television watchers everywhere.

Ms. Kardashian is famous, you see, for a few things: being pretty, selling klothing at Sears, dating Kanye West, having his daughter, having a dad who was O.J. Simpson’s trial lawyer, having a stepdad who was an Olympian, having a batshit mom and having siblings with whom she interacts, at times on camera.

She is also famous, of course, for her hot bod. Read More

Jesus died for our selfies

Here Is a Debutante Taking a Snapchat Selfie

(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Snapchat has come a long way from the fraternities of Stanford. Via Getty Images, here is a photo of a debutante taking a Snapchat selfie while waiting around to be presented at the Queen Charlotte’s Ball.

According to the Daily Mail: “Dubbed the ‘crowning event of the London Season’ the guest list is hand-picked with care: only young women from the richest families are invited to the  ball where, after months of careful preparation and spending thousands of pounds on each ticket, the young debutantes are able to show off their skills in poise and elegance.” Read More