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Jersey Shore

Sorry, NYC: Hoboken has a ‘Hip and Young and Hungry’ Tech Scene of Its Own

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“What’s a joke about Hoboken?” we mused aloud upon sitting down to write this post. “What isn’t a joke about Hoboken?” shot back our news editor, without missing a beat.

Fast Company thinks Hoboken has its own tech scene on its hands,” we responded.

“When have they ever had anything on their hands?” retorted The Observer‘s real estate reporter.

“If I write this I’ll never be able to go to Hoboken,” we considered.

“As if you’d want to,” spat the same reporter.

We weren’t just soliciting jokes about Hoboken for the fun of it. In fact, we were doing so for a very important reason–namely, a Fast Company piece published recently that rallies around Hoboken as a burgeoning “hip and young and hungry” tech beacon. Read More