it's all about the bitcoin baby

it's all about the bitcoin baby

Gold Bar Manufacturer to Start Accepting Bitcoin, Ironically Enough

This could be you, miners!

Part of bitcoin’s mystique is that it isn’t backed up by anything of traditional value. It’s kind of like U.S. dollars in that way, come to think of it, although bitcoin rejects silver and gold defiantly.

So for a major precious metal dealer such as Euro Pacific to start accepting bitcoin is not only surprising, but also a likely feather in the cap for the cryptocurrency’s advocates. Read More

it's all about the bitcoin baby

Bitcoin Whiz Charlie Shrem Says ‘There Are Holes’ in His Money-Laundering Case

charlie shrem bitinstant bitcoin silk road

“This is kind of a premiere for Charlie,” New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper joked last night. “This is the first time I’ve seen you out of the house.”

Mr. Popper and former BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem were sitting on the stage at the School of Visual Arts theatre. Mr. Shrem was arrested in January on charges of money laundering associated with his bitcoin exchange company, BitInstant. He’s currently under house arrest, but was allowed to attend last night’s panel on the documentary The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin, in which he’s a prominent character.

Filmmakers Nicholas Mross and Daniel Mross joined Mr. Shrem and Mr. Popper onstage, following a screening the documentary.

The documentary follows bitcoin magnates like Mr. Shrem, Jered Kenna of Tradehill, Gonzague Gay-Bouchery of Mt. Gox and Mike Caldwell of Casascius Coins. Read More

it's all about the bitcoin baby

Kanye’s Lawyers to Coinye West Creators: Knock It Off

Infringement, schminfringement! (via

Hate to say we told you so! A mere five days after we first reported on the Kanye West-inspired cryptocurrency, Mr. West’s lawyers have sent Coinye West’s creators a cease and desist letter.

And why wouldn’t they? Coinye West, which doesn’t launch until Jan. 11, uses the rapper’s likeness and a play on his name as its main means of promotion. The creators must have seen it coming, as they chose to stay anonymous in all press coverage.  Read More

it's all about the bitcoin baby

A Kanye West-Inspired Cryptocurrency Exists Now

Infringement, schminfringement! (via

Happy New Year! Did you think maybe in 2014 Internet people would cut the shit and stop hurtling bags of money into a funeral pyre of pretend pop culture currencies like dogecoin? Too bad! Coinye West is a thing now.

In case you still haven’t closed this tab, allow us to explain. You can now get your cryptocurrency, a thing that is allegedly real despite being underlined in red like a typo when you write about it, virtually stamped with Kanye West’s likeness.  Read More