It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

Here’s One Theory for Why Facebook Has Lost Some Younger Teens’ Eyeballs

Everything he ever said, ever. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Today on Facebook’s quarterly earnings call, the company admitted for the first time that it might be having the slightest bit of trouble with the younger cohort.

Business Insider reports that on the call, CFO David Ebersam gave investors a little heads up: “Our best announcement on youth usage [is that] among U.S. teens was stable overall from Q2 to Q3 but we did see a decrease in daily users partly among younger teens,” he said, adding that it’s “of questionable  significance,” but “we wanted to share this with you now because we get a lot of questions about teens.” Read More

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

Internet Experiences Brief, Terrifying Period of Inability to Escape Facebook

Screencap via Buzzfeed, because this reporter was too flabbergasted to screencap.

Did you stay at work a little late to do a bit of frantic blizzard-related research and/or dicking around on the Internet? If so, you probably experienced an unexpected, disorienting game of Internet Shoots and Ladders, as several major websites–including Buzzfeed, Gawker, and Slate–suddenly began redirecting to a strange error page on Facebook.

Luckily, logging out of Facebook solved the problem. Duh. Read More

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

The Empire Pokes Back: Facebook Turns Forgotten Feature into Snapchat Ripoff


Early Facebook users will no doubt remember the era when the humble poke seemed like the raciest, most exciting feature in the world. College sophomores would poke their friends until they reached the poke limit, then trumpet their poking prowess on their friends’ walls.

Well, it seems the company hopes to revive the heady days of 2004, with the launch of the iPhone app Poke, which “makes it fun and easy to say hello to friends wherever you are.”  Read More

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Facebook Would Like You to Give It Some Money, Starts Selling Actually Desirable Things

Facebook Gifts

Remember when Facebook was a world-changing social network–uniting families, friends, and that girl who moved away in the third grade across space and time? And then remember when Facebook was a punchline, trying to get you to pay real money for the virtual equivalent of the flair buttons on a TGIFriday’s vest?

Well, now, Facebook is also partly an e-commerce play–like say Amazon or Today, the company began launching a new segment called Gifts, which allows users to buy and send real-world items, tied to the life events you post on Facebook. It’s a gentle reminder that when free consumer web startups say, “Don’t worry about monetization, we’ll find a magical third way later,” what they mean is: “Let us pretend just a little while longer, please.” Read More

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YSL Runs Out of Ideas, Creates Facebook-Inspired Eye Shadow

Courtesy: Kiss and Makeup

Be honest: Facebook’s sleek blue and white color scheme is a fashion inspiration in your life. It is therefore only natural that you’d want to adorn your body with colorful evidence of your fandom.

Luckily, thanks to the French designer Yves Saint Laurent, you can now wear Facebook on your eyelids.

Starting July 19th, YSL will release 1,650 of their Facebook-inspired “Devoted to Fans” eye shadow palettes, featuring blue, purple, white and grey shadows. Read More

It's a Zuck Zuck Zuck Zuck World

Mark Zuckerberg Looking Awkward Next to Celebrities

8 Photos

Zuck with Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan

You know what happens when you get rich and famous? Suddenly, you get to hang out with all the other rich and famous people (and take pictures, and post them on–of course–Facebook). And given that he’s instantly recognizable, runs a hugely popular website, and has the net worth of a minor petroleum scion, Mark Zuckerberg is a member in good standing of this club. But here’s the thing–unlike movie stars and musicians and politicians, it’s safe to say Mr. Zuckerberg didn’t get where he is today on his charisma.

Hence, he spends a lot of time taking pictures with other famous people, looking awkward. Let us demonstrate, because it is a summer Friday and none of you were working anyway.

In the meantime, Mark, chill out. You are making us nervous.