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10 Most Popular Betabeat Posts of 2011

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1. Don’t Steal Computers From People Who Know How to Use Computers [VIDEO]

Also known as, 10 Most Popular Betabeat Posts of All Time (exempting slideshows). Betabeat launched in March of 2011, just after South By Southwest Interactive as a New York City-based tech blog nested in the belly of the iconic salmon-colored paper of literary, irreverent record, The New York Observer. “Nothing sacred but the truth,” is The Observer’s credo, and Betabeat has tried to do the same for tech news (see here, here and here), peeking behind the scenes of major deals, spotting trends early, watchdogging your venture dollars and talking about the scary and sad things as well as the good news and the happy fun things. We’ve also tried to write the narrative of Silicon Alley’s culture with bigger trend pieces (as in this, this, thisthis, this and this, and oh, you get the idea). And let’s not forget the multi-part saga of Jerry Guo.

Yep, Betabeat has had a good 3/4 year. We created a web series, launched a newsletter, started a Tumblrpunked a panel and brought on two killer bloggers, the illustrious @weareyourfek and the too-clever-for-her-own-good @nitashatiku, breaking New York tech news all along the way. (But we’re always trying to improve! Keep sending us your feedback, thoughts, and of course news tips.) Check out the top 10 stories of 2011, as determined by your clicks. Read More

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The Hottest New York Startups, According to Betabeat’s Search Traffic

Wow! Betabeat has been in business for ten months. (We launched just after SXSW.) As you can imagine, with 2,634 posts, now a staff of four writers, and commenters starting to wake up, the site’s search traffic is steadily bumping up. So—curious about who people are curious about? Here are the top ten most searched-for startups, according to Betabeat’s traffic stats from Google Analytics. Read More

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ZocDoc CEO Misses the Days When Investors Used Real Checks

Mr. Massoumi

ZocDoc’s CEO Cyrus Massoumi has a soft spot for paper money. The ZocDoc offices sport a giant $100,000 vanity check from Forbes, which its founders debated taking into the bank when the actual money proved to be less than speedy in coming. But today’s $25 million investment from Goldman Sachs won’t come in the form of a check in any size. And it means the loss of a ZocDoc tradition, Betabeat learned after we got ahold of Mr. Massoumi’s memo to ZocDockers today: Read More