Information Wants to Be Free

Information Wants to Be Free

More Evidence That You Just Can’t Keep a 40K-Person Rally in New York City Private [VIDEO]

asifa rabbi

The organizers of the massive ultra-Orthodox Jewish rally against the Internet last weekend were hoping to keep the event insular. But unfortunately for them, leaks are all over the same Internet they were rallying against—and we’re not talking about ourselves and others from the curious secular press.

At least a dozen attendees were tweeting live from the event, and many others blogged and posted on Facebook and in Jewish forums about it the next day. The entire 100-page “brochure” about Internet usage was posted online. It seems there will be no more secrets, except perhaps for what the rabbis were whispering to each other: Video of the full event, apparently grabbed from the Livestream that was supposed to broadcast the event to Haredi women who weren’t allowed into the stadium, is hosted in at least two places. Like it or not, the frum are, it seems, quite web-savvy.