Hometown Pride

Hometown Pride

Heading Home For Thanksgiving? Your Local Newspaper Has All the #Tech News You Need

A turkey (Photo: Getty)

Are you going to miss Betabeat as we take a mini break over the next few days to load up on turkey, pumpkin pie and discount Target undies? True, we won’t be here to provide you with the latest in technology. But if you’re heading home to the small town in which you grew up, there will be tons of breaking tech news for you to read over your morning coffee.

How do we know? Well, at her first journalism job in 2011, this reporter wrote a story called “Borough Launches Facebook Page,” complete with the snappy lede, “Online social networks are not just for college students anymore.” Basically, we know from experience that you don’t have to be in the Big City to stay up to date on all the tech sector’s hottest happenings. Read More