Hey There Champ

Hey There Champ

Go Team! A Night at the New York Sports Tech Meetup with Gate F

Mr. Yevoli

Last Thursday, Betabeat joined a crowd of about 40 entrepreneurs at the New York Sports Tech Meetup. The group had gathered at the New York Times building in Midtown where the view from Goodwin Proctor’s office on the 26th floor offered a glimpse of Ellis Island as the sunset reflected across the Hudson River.

The meetup, which has been held monthly since February, is run by Homefield founder Joe Yevoli, who left of TechStars fame to pursue the team’s original–sportier!–concept, as well as Dave Blake, VP of product sales at Stainless Code (a company that helps advertisers run campaigns targeted to real-time events in sports games).

The meetup, which was sponsored by Goodwin Proctor, Stainless Code, and USA Today Sports Media Group, featured just one company: Gate F, a mobile sports app that lets users check-in to bars during a game, chat with friends, and compete for rewards such as tickets to see your favorite team play. Read More

Hey There Champ

Attack of the Jocks: Silicon Alley’s Olympians and Athletes

joe yevoli

Keeping their shoulders level, knees bent, swiftly taking off, zooming down the mountain or across the field while either snow, ice or another player blocks their sight, they maneuver around, sweat trickling down their faces, muscles flexed, and finally through the finish line.

That might not sound like the same people you see around Union Square with their Apple computer propped open, dodging yet another error message on the coding program or answering calls, yelling at employees, rushing out the door to a meeting. But Silicon Alley, a world more closely-associated with palefaces who spend most of their days in front of a screen, has its fair share of jocks. Just in time for the Olympics, we caught up with three of them in action. Read More