Here's Apple In Your Eye

Here's Apple In Your Eye

Apple’s Crackdown on ‘Objectionable’ Games Conveniently Bans A Game About Sweatshops

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Today, in Streisand Effect stories: Apple has booted the provocative game Sweatshop from its App Store. If that sounds like an offensive concept for a casual game, it’s deliberate: It’s designed to get you thinking about where the awful system that produces consumer goods. And according to Pocket Gamer, it got the ax because Apple wasn’t comfortable with the theme.

Not to mention it doesn’t behoove Apple to have customers thinking too hard about where their beautifully crafted devices come from. Read More

Here's Apple In Your Eye

You Can Apparently Get an Android-Powered ‘iPhone’ in Brazil

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This must be going over well in Cupertino: The BBC reports that the Institute of Industrial Property, Brazil’s IP authority, have ruled that Apple does not have the exclusive rights to use the term “iPhone” in the country. That’s because the Brazilian company Gradiente Eletronica registered the trademark seven years before Apple. This means the company can continue to sell its own version of the iPhone which, irony of ironies, runs on Android.  Read More